Update 4.2 – Forever Alone


I last left off with me in a bit of a confusion with my girls. Do I go for personality or beauty? Let’s find out!

With everyone out of the house, I decided to add on this sick gym to the house. All had all three pieces of work out equipment, plus, I bought another huge flat screen TV. What do ya’ think?

09-12-14_4-49 PM

I also decided that it was time for another change. I quit my job as a Low-Orbit Specialist, and found a job in the Entertainer Career path as the Opening Act, for $54/hr.

09-12-14_4-50 PM

I started putting on stand up comedies at the local bars. Although my first gig wasn’t too big of a success, I saw Hayley in the crowd!

09-12-14_4-58 PM

Afterwards, it was all about Hayley. I wanted to see if we were even compatible. Or, do I just not waste my time, and move onto Cortney?

09-12-14_4-59 PM

After much discussion at the bar, I still felt the connection between Hayley and I. Although this was the first time I’ve seen her in a while, I felt we had something.

I decided to invite her over. The first thing she did was run on the treadmill.

“Looking good,” I tried my best at flirting with her.

“Hah. Thanks Don!”

“Betcha’ I can run longer than you.” We were still really into making fun of each other.

Things continued on like this for a few hours. Nothing serious. Eventually, Hayley left, and I was left alone.


09-12-14_5-04 PM


In the morning, I knew in order to be successful with my new career, I had to write routines. My last act was a major failure.

I thought up a few jokes, and was satisfied. Surely this act would get me a few laughs.

09-12-14_5-09 PM

Sure enough, later that day, when I traveled to the lounge at Oasis Springs, I actually had a crowd surround me as I presented! Even my old best friend Dax showed up for moral support.

I even earned $173 in tips. Not bad!

Hayley showed up to cheer me on!

09-12-14_5-15 PM

After my routine ended, I approached Hayley.

“Hayley, I think I’m ready,” since my job involved me humiliating myself in front of crowds all day, I had no problems asking her. “Would you like to go on a date with me?”

“I would love that Don!” She exclaimed.

“Sweet. Let’s go!” And off we went in the taxi cab to our date.

09-12-14_5-18 PM

Too bad the date was right next door in the gym.

I took Hayley to the gym because I knew she loved to work out.

First, we just lounged on the couches in the lobby and discussed our interests.

09-12-14_5-20 PM

Then, I confessed my attraction to her.

“Hayley, in case you haven’t noticed by now, I am romantically attracted to you.” I felt our relationship suddenly strengthen.

“You already know I feel the same way Don.”

09-12-14_5-22 PM

The moment was heating up. I glazed deeply into her eyes. Into her soul. Hayley’s fiery red hair burned my heart. I started leaning in. My heart pounded a million miles a minute. My first kiss. It was coming. I puckered my lips, prepared to feel Hayley’s precious, warm lips collide with mine.

But suddenly, the moment was ruined. Hayley’s phone rang.

My heart sunk down, I sat back in my chair, and I felt my adrenaline drop.

“Oh ****!” I heard Hayley yell. “I’m really sorry Donte. I completely forgot I work tonight.” And out the door she went.

I was left alone at the gym.


Once again.

09-12-14_5-23 PM

I decided to call it a night early, and head straight home to bed. I was bummed the date ended like this. I was not in any mood to stay up, waiting for Hayley to get off of work.

09-12-14_5-28 PM

The next morning, I studied up on my comedy skill. I read a few books pertaining to the subject to help me improve my jokes.

09-12-14_5-33 PM

After reading for a couple of hours, I began to feel the loneliness settle in, for a third time.

I decided to invite Hayley over. Maybe we weren’t ready for a date yet. I whipped up some pancakes and we sat down to watch comedy shows (we both really enjoyed comedy).

“I’m really sorry about last night,” Hayley apologized. “I can’t believe I forgot about work.”

“It’s okay. We can just pick up things here.” I didn’t want to start over completely.

“Well, actually, I can’t stay long tonight, either.” Bummer. “I have a gig. You should stop by!” Hayley encouraged.

“Oh yeah! That will be fun!” I could not wait to see what Hayley had to offer as a comedian. I wondered if she was better than me?

After breakfast, she left to get ready for her big performance.

09-12-14_5-38 PM


I decided to head over to her performance later that day.

She did fabulous.

I definitely had a competition in this town. Not to mention, my competition was my love bird.

09-12-14_5-42 PM


After the gig was over, I approached Hayley. The mood may have not been quite the same as before, but it would do. I leaned in for the scrumptious kiss I had been craving. Our lips met.

“You did great,” I complimented her.

She turned as red as her hair. “Thanks.”

09-12-14_5-43 PM


That’s all we needed to spark our relationship. Suddenly, I scoped her up, and things spiced up fast.

“How ’bout we take this back to my place?” I asked Hayley.

“That’d be wonderful.”

And away we went.

09-12-14_5-45 PM


At my house, we took it right upstairs, into my bedroom.

We sat on my bed and made out.

I thought my heart would beat out my chest. I started yanking my shirt off, all the while tugging at her pants…

09-12-14_5-48 PM

Things got really crazy.

My first woo hoo.

09-12-14_5-48 PM-2

After our woo hoo, I felt Hayley and I were ready for the next level in our relationship.

“Hayley, will you be my girl friend?” I asked her, with no doubt she’d say no.

“I’d love to.”

Just like that, we were a couple.

I wanted to take it a step further as well. Things were too lonely here.

“Would you also move in with me?” I questioned.

“You know it!”

09-12-14_5-49 PM

The next night, at work, I received a promotion and decided to choose the comedian path, of course. I now was a Jokesmith, making $67/hr.

09-12-14_5-51 PM


After work, Hayley and I enjoyed another woo hoo. We made it our nightly tradition.

On a side note, I also found out that Hayley’s job was an Opening Act. So, she was one level below me.

09-12-14_5-53 PM

At breakfast, I tried out my comedy material on her. It was my time to practice.

Of course, she loved it!

09-12-14_5-55 PM

The days continued to zoom by, and eventually I found myself at level 6 of the entertainer career. I was a Solid Storyteller, with an hourly wage of $115. This also meant that it was time to get another job. As a renaissance sim, I like to keep things fresh, and master everything!

I was getting tired of being a comedian.

09-12-14_6-13 PM

Searching for jobs on the computer, I came across the secret agent field. I felt like I would be a perfect fit, since I was pretty athletic. I took the position as a Field Agent.

Suddenly, I felt a tug on my chair. I turned around and Hayley was behind me in her lingerie. She simply wagged her finger at me, and I knew the deal.

09-12-14_6-14 PM

Up to bed we went!

But not for sleep, of course…

09-12-14_6-18 PM


The next day, I decided to work on my athletic skill since it would help a lot with my new career. This also meant improving my cooking skill, since the TV was right in front of me. Two easily improved skills.

As I worked out, I drifted into a day dream.

Hayley and I had been together much longer than any other Sim-couple. We were still only boyfriend and girlfriend. By now, most sims in this town would have taken it to the next level… Was I ready?

09-12-14_6-21 PM


After working out, I cleaned myself up, and threw on my formal outfit. I went up to Hayley and told her to do the same.

Then, I took her to the lagoon across the street. I felt it was very romantic.

“What are we doing, Don?” Hayley asked me.

“Just wait,” I wanted to keep it as suspenseful as possible.

09-12-14_6-22 PM

I bent down on one knee. The mood was perfect. I was ready.

“Hayley Franz, will you please do the honors of marrying me?” I asked with not an ounce of hesitation.

There was no immediate response.

09-12-14_6-23 PM

I continued to gaze into her eyes at the shocked look on her face. Was there something in my teeth? Did my shirt have a hole in it? Why wasn’t she speaking? Surely she wasn’t speechless. Us comedians (or even ex-comedians) didn’t get stage fright.

“Hayley?” I reassured.

That’s when I saw death appear behind her, and my face turned white.

09-12-14_6-23 PM-2


Did I really shock her to death?

I felt my knees begin to shake. My legs were starting to cramp up. What was there to do?

I did nothing but continue smiling.

This was by far one of the most awkward experiences of my life.

I was left alone…


09-12-14_6-23 PM-3

So what happened at the romantic proposal? Did I really shock Hayley to death, or did she say no?

Find out on the next update!



4 thoughts on “Update 4.2 – Forever Alone

    • Yeah, this was by far one of the best generations. It was so nice to just let them hang out, work on improving skills, and aspirations. I didn’t have to worry about any kids or keeping their relationship up.
      Donte really loves cliff-hangers! You’ll just have to wait to find out. 🙂


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