Update 4.1 – Decisions, Decisions


My father declared the heir of generation 4 of the Defesco Legacy, so who did he pick?

My father’s a smart man, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be surprised that he picked me, Donte Defesco! In case you forgot already, I aspire to be a Renaissance Sim, in other words, I look forward to improving many skills and advancing in a variety of different career fields. So, where does my part of the legacy start? Let’s find out!

09-11-14_11-14 PM


Of course, my main focus as a teenager was improving my skills. In started developing my athletic and cooking skills at the same time. My intelligent father showed the trick to improve both at the same time.

09-11-14_8-27 PM


Unfortunately, I never was very athletic. Any time I saw the slightest distraction, I fell flat on my face.

09-11-14_8-51 PM


I still had my job in the Fast Food business, but I earned my first promotion to Food Service Cashier. Sadly, it only resulted in a $3 raise.

I could not wait until I was old enough to get an actual job.

09-11-14_8-42 PM


I am a genius, but, as a child I solely focused on completing my social butterfly aspiration, and I did. That meant, however, that I did not do as well in school as I could have.

As a teenager, I changed that. Once I returned home from a hard day at work, I completed my homework. This way, I would be guaranteed that A.

09-11-14_8-43 PM


In case you were wondering about my sister, as a teenager, she changed her attitude a lot. She no longer focused on paintings and playing instruments. Instead, she became a mischievous trickster.

She would slap my dad in the face, but somehow, he always managed to laugh it off and not get mad at her. She was good at what she did.

09-11-14_8-49 PM


She even found grandpop Bruno’s voodoo doll in the attic and supposedly casted spells on my father and I.

I never felt no different, so I believed it was another one of her silly pranks.

As my father and I talked, she jabbed the voodoo doll.

“Ouch!” She suddenly screamed, and she placed her finger in her mouth. “I poked myself.”

My father and I simply looked at each other, and laughed. Nothing happened.

09-11-14_8-52 PM09-11-14_8-53 PM


I decided another skill I wanted to focus on was the rocket science skill. I learned that no one else in my family even bothered with this skill. I wanted to be different! I purchased this landing pad for a whopping $5,000, and started building my very own rocket for an additional $1000.

09-11-14_9-45 PM.

Even though I no longer had much interest in socially interacting with people, my father and I grew very close.

In fact, now that mother had passed away and Dax and I are no longer in contact, my father and I decided to become best friends.

I hugged him, “I love you dad. You’re my best friend.”

“Love you too buddy. BFF’s!!”

I appreciated my father’s hard work. Hopefully I could be as successful of a father/heir.

09-11-14_9-50 PM


Even Desiree and I remained pretty close! She liked to mess around with me after work.

“So how many burger patties did you drop on the ground, but still serve, today?” She chuckled.

“Haha, very funny,” I faked laughed at her.

“How about we have some fun?” Oh gosh. This was typical of her. Always trying to start trouble. I kind of enjoyed it though.

“Bring it,” I was up for the challenge.

“I dare you to go streaking around our neighborhood,” Desiree blasted at me.


09-11-14_9-58 PM


As quickly as Des dared me to go streaking, I was out of my clothes, and running down the streets!

Ahhhh! It was so exhilarating.

09-11-14_10-00 PM

One night, after work, Desiree introduced me to her friend Sydney at the park. Our eyes instantly locked onto one another. I felt my heart flutter.

“Hi,” I started, nervously. “My name’s Donte.” I suddenly realized I was still in my work uniform. How embarrassing?

“Hello. I’m Sydney.”

Her blond hair and blue eyes were breath taking. I wanted them. I wanted her!

09-11-14_10-21 PM


Unfortunately, as quickly as Sydney appeared she disappeared. Supposedly, Desiree told me that she moved to a foreign country. She said she moved to Sunset Valley, or something like that. Whatever. I didn’t believe anything Desiree told me.

I still felt upset that I would probably never see Sydney again.

Anyways, I decided to quit my job at the fast food restaurant. The pay wasn’t even worth my time. I could instead, focus on building my skills.

09-11-14_10-34 PM

The next night, it was my birthday, so I decided to go to the park. I know, you may have been expecting me to throw a huge birthday bash, but like I said, I really wasn’t into the whole ‘socialization’ thing anymore.

At the park, I met Hayley. She was wearing a silly hat of shame (that’s what attracted me to her).

“Hey there,” I introduced myself, but didn’t feel the instant connection I had with Sydney a few nights ago. “I’m Donte. You can just call me Don.”

“Hi Don,” she had a frown on her face still. “I’m Hayley.”

I had to figure out the story behind the hat.

“So, what’s up with that goofy hat?” I asked her.

“Oh…” Hayley seemed humiliated. “You noticed. My birthday was yesterday, and I threw a party. I got a little too drunk, and ended up agreeing to wear this hat for 24 hours… Now, I’m stuck like this.”

I giggled a little bit. Hah, her friends sounded just like my mischievous sister!

09-11-14_11-06 PM


Hayley and I continued to get to know each other, and eventually she started warming up to me. My father always told me that I was easy to get along with.

“Let’s take a selfie of you in that goofy hat!” I actually found it hilarious.

“Do we have to?” She seemed devastated by this humiliation.

“Oh come on! Cheer up Hayley! It’ll be fun.” I took my phone out my pocket and turned it towards us. “Say cheese!!”

Her silly hat photo-bombed us… I couldn’t even see.

09-11-14_11-12 PM


Then, it was time… I aged into a young adult! I rolled in the ambitious trait.

Suddenly, I remembered that Hayley mentioned that her birthday was yesterday. She must not be too much older than me!…

Could she be the one?

09-11-14_11-14 PM

I stayed at the park, joking around with Hayley until dawn. I learned that both of us actually had a great sense of humor. Eventually, it was time to part our ways. I was beat from the all nighter.

“Well Hayley,” I started. “I think it’s time I get home. It was nice meeting you. And you’re goofy hat.”

“Thanks Donte. And it was nice meeting you, and you’re giant dome,” she pointed at my head, and we started laughing together.

I liked a girl that cracked jokes on me. It made our relationship interesting.

09-11-14_11-17 PM

The next day, I still didn’t have a job, so I decided to invite Hayley over to hang out. I couldn’t wait to see her and that hat-of-shame!

When she arrived, I noticed the hat wasn’t on her anymore.

“Awww man, no hat?” I joked. “I wanted to see that more than anything.”

“No. Sorry. Haha. The 24 hours are up.” Hayley laughed with me.

Suddenly, I realized that she was gorgeous. Her hat casted a shade on her face last night, but now that I could see her face, I fell in love.

09-12-14_8-51 AM

After hanging out all day, Hayley said she had to get home to work. Supposedly, she had a job in the entertainer business. I didn’t doubt it. She was hilarious.

The next morning, I finally completed my rocket ship!

09-12-14_9-00 AM

I could not wait to explore outer space. I considered a career in the astronaut field. I think this would be the opportunity for me to see if I really enjoyed space.

I waved good bye to Oakenstead, with my fork in hand (just in case I was hungry on my adventure), and off I went!

09-12-14_9-04 AM09-12-14_9-05 AM

Returning home after a few hours in space, I could not wait to adventure back out there. The only reason I returned was because giant rabbit chased me back. That was scary.

As soon as I landed, I got off my rocket, and searched for a job in the astronaut field!

Fortunately, my experience landed me a position pretty easily. I officially was a Technician, and the pay was $54/hr!

09-12-14_9-07 AM

I didn’t start until Tuesday, so I decided to invite Hayley over in the meantime (I still grasped my fork tight from my adventure).

Hayley and I really started to get to know each other very well.

09-12-14_9-09 AM


Eventually, I think I started falling in love with her, and she was noticing.

“You think I’m cute, don’t you Don?” She flipped her fire-red hair.

I didn’t answer her.

09-12-14_9-10 AM

I didn’t want to rush our relationship. No more romantic interactions.

Instead, we played chess. Of course, I kept winning. Even though she was a girl, I could not let Hayley win.

We started talking about our relationship over the chess table.

“Do you ever see this going anywhere?” Hayley asked me. I knew that she was attracted to me. I mean, who wasn’t?

“I think it has a potential,” I gave our relationship hope. “But, we’re just gonna’ take it slow.”

09-12-14_9-13 AM

I suddenly busted a joke on her. Hayley grasped her stomach, and started hysterically laughing.

“Oh, you’re good,” Hayley told me. “Really good. In fact, you’re even better than some of the comedians I work with.”

Hmmm… Maybe a career in the entertainment field wouldn’t be a bad idea for me after all.

09-12-14_9-15 AM


Our day together had to come to an end, unfortunately. Hayley and I hugged, and she started walking out my bedroom (I still grasped my fork tightly, I really could not let it go).

“I’ll call you after work,” Hayley mentioned.

“Sounds good!” And away she went.

Although I never told Hayley, I could tell that we both were falling deeply in love with one another.

09-12-14_9-17 AM


After a hard day of working on my rocket (I was upgrading the fuel system, so I could go on longer adventures), I decided it would be a good time to hang out with Hayley at the park.

09-12-14_9-23 AM


Once there, she introduced me to her brother Francis. He looked exactly like her. That red hair could burn a hole in anyone’s soul.

Surprisingly, Francis and I started becoming pretty good friends too. He reminded me a lot of my old friend Dax.

His star glasses were pretty hideous…

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her.

09-12-14_9-29 AM

She was drop-dead gorgeous. I suddenly stopped mid-sentence talking with Hayley and Francis, and introduced my self to this new women.

“Hiya. I’m Donte.” I felt the same feeling I had when I met Sydney.

“Hello! My name’s Cortney.”

Everything about Cortney attracted me to her. Her hair, her smell, her voice, even her eyes.

I think Hayley noticed.

She waved in my face. “Donte… I’m over here!” Hayley tried to get me snapped out of it. But I couldn’t. Cortney took my breath away.

09-12-14_9-32 AM


When I returned home from the long day at the park, I was confused. First, Sydeny. Then, Hayley. Now, Cortney.

I did not know what to do.

“C’mon Donte! Pick a lady. They’re all gorgeous. You can do this. It’s a win-win.” I talked to myself.

Desiree knocked at the door. “Let’s go punk! Stop talking to yourself! I need to pee!”

Wow Des. Way to ruin the moment…

09-12-14_10-28 AM

I took a break from the ladies, and focused soley on work for a while.

I actually earned two promotions back-to-back! They really liked me.

I was now a Low-Orbit Specialist, with a pay of $96/hr. I think it was time for a new career.

I liked change.

Maybe I also liked a change in my girls, too. I still questioned who would be the right girl for me?

I mainly was stuck between the hilarious, fiery Hayley?

Or the sweet, subtle, gorgeous Cortney.

Do I go for looks, or personality?

I needed some time to think… I took a break from both for a long time.

09-12-14_10-39 AM

I ended up taking a lot longer break from the women than I thought, because eventually, it was my little sister’s birthday.

I could not believe Desiree was a young adult now too. She rolled in the materialistic trait, and quickly moved out. She always talked about moving out as soon as she could. I would miss her, but I’m sure I’d be seeing her soon.

09-12-14_1-44 PM

Suddenly, while sleeping one night, I thought I was dreaming…

My father whispered in my ear, “Good bye son. You’ll do great with this legacy, I know it.” And he pressed his lips against the side of my face.

He then crouched down, and accepted his fate of death…

When I woke up in the morning, in an empty house, I realized it was real.

My father was gone. My sister was gone. I was all alone.

09-12-14_1-47 PM

I can’t live in this house much longer. I can not delay any longer! I have to choose my lady, and fast. My life was rushing by too fast. Before I know, I will be an adult. Who will I choose? Hayley or Courtney? What will be my next career? Find out in the next update!


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