Update 3.5 – Blurry Eyes


Last time, I left off with the birth of our new baby girl, Desiree and my wife/soul mate Brittani aging into an elder.

Not much has been going on in my life, so a lot of this update is me narrating what my children have been up to.

Donte and I grew very close. If Brittani wasn’t already considered my BFF, I had no doubt Donte and I would be best friends. He really was the easiest kid to get along with.

09-10-14_10-28 AM


As quickly as Desiree came into this world, she aged into a child, with the aspiration of Artistic Prodigy (that’s a first!), and rolling the good trait.

09-10-14_10-46 AM

Almost at the top of my culinary career, I decided that I should write I cook book. I successfully finished my first cook book, called Take the Cake- And Eat it, Too.

09-10-14_10-48 AM

Since Donte was such a social butterfly, he always dragged his sister to the park with him on the weekends (while I worked), so he could make friends. Desiree would just sit back and play her violin. She wasn’t all about the center of attention.

09-10-14_11-01 AM

This is one of Dante’s closest friends, Dax. In fact, Dante talked about Dax all of the time. He even called Dax his BFF!

09-10-14_11-07 AM-2


Like Don and I grew close, Des and Brit grew close. Both of us had a bond with our children.

09-10-14_11-16 AM

Desiree really enjoyed painting. Meanwhile, Don kept making friends.

09-10-14_11-22 AM

Finally, Donte started appreciating his younger sister. He would encourage her while she painted.

“That looks great, sis!”

“Thanks Donte.”

09-10-14_11-30 AM

Eventually, I reached the top of the culinary career, chef path! I was a Celebrity Chef (I appeared on the fancy cooking shows), and I made $410/hr!!

09-10-14_2-00 PM

After my promotion, I was a lot less busy. I didn’t have to come straight home from work, and improve my skills.

We enjoyed some good ol’ quality family time.

Our family was so tightly bounded.

09-10-14_2-11 PM


Since I was making so much money as a Celebrity Chef, and Brittani was getting pretty old, she decided to retire from the tech guru career as a project manager, for a daily stipend of $250.

09-10-14_3-40 PM

Now that Brit was home all the time, while the kids were at school, things got a little heated between us soul mates…

09-10-14_3-45 PM


09-10-14_3-47 PM

09-10-14_3-49 PM


Donte was trying too hard to make friends… He passed out at the park from a lack of energy.

09-10-14_4-02 PM

Could you tell I was a chef?

I have pots and pans hanging from literally every inch of our kitchen.

09-10-14_4-04 PM


Flirting with Brittani while she played her video games was like flirting with a brick wall.

“So, you wanna’ see me sizzle your bacon?” I asked her in my ‘sexy voice’.

No response.

I started to serenade her.

No response.

Maybe another time.

09-10-14_4-07 PM


Donte worked hard as a child (although he only received a B+ in school), and he managed to complete the social butterfly aspiration! To do so, he maxed the social skill, made 5 children friends, 3 adult friends, and 1 BFF. He really was well known in the town. For completing his aspiration, Donte received the Socially Gifted trait. I was proud of him!

09-10-14_4-22 PM


On the other hand, Desiree continued practicing her violin, and actually was becoming very good!

09-10-14_9-35 PM

Meanwhile, I tried to score a woo hoo with Britt. The older she got, the harder it became to get what I wanted.

“How about a nice woo hoo, Brit?” I asked her.

“You know I’m getting too old Clarence! Wouldn’t want to kill me mid-woo hoo,” She was right. How terrible would that be?

09-10-14_9-40 PM

Ehhhh… Whatever. I was irresistible. I got what I wanted.

And with this, it was our 200th romantic interaction, so I successfully completed my soul mate aspiration! For doing so, I received the companion trait.

09-10-14_9-41 PM

I must have gotten too caught up in my relationship with Brittani, because before I knew it, Donte aged!

He now aspired to be a Renaissance Sim, developing the quick learner and foodie (like me!) trait. I guess all my good cooking had an influence on him.

09-10-14_9-42 PM

With that, we had to say good bye to his beautiful nursery (look at little Donte as a baby)…

09-09-14_9-52 PM


And hello to Donte’s new room! Our interior designer is awesome. She did a great job.

09-10-14_10-02 PM


Brittani continued to encourage Des to draw.

Surprisingly, she too completed her aspiration of Artistic Prodigy! Boy, my family was great. Three aspirations completed in one update. This had to be a record. Since she completed this aspiration, she earned the Creatively Gifted.

I was even more impressed with Desiree because she completed her aspiration well before she became a teenager. Plus, she received an A in elementary school!!

09-10-14_10-04 PM


We enjoyed one of our last family meals together.

Brittani was growing pretty old.

The kids ate left over pancakes, while I enjoyed some lobster thermidor and Brit ate a bowl of cereal.

09-10-14_10-15 PM


I loved our closely bonded family so much. Thanks to our social butterfly Donte for bringing our family together.

Donte grew very close with his younger sister as well.

09-10-14_10-27 PM


As a teenager, Donte strayed away from making friends, and moved towards reading books and improving his skills.

09-10-14_10-29 PM

Suddenly… It was time.

09-10-14_10-31 PM

Good bye soul mate, Brittani. I enjoyed my life with you. I’ll be seeing you soon enough!

09-10-14_10-32 PM

Cooking surely took my mind off of Britt’s death…

Baked Alaska anyone?

09-10-14_10-52 PM

Donte continued to impress me as a teenager. He decided to get a part time job. Since I was in the culinary business, he easily scored a job at a fast food restaurant as a fry cook. Hey, we all have to start somewhere, right?

09-10-14_11-06 PM

And just like that, Desiree’s birthday rolled around!

As a teenager, she aspired to be the Chief of Mischief, rolling in the dastardly and snob traits.

09-11-14_10-05 AM

It was also time for me to become elder!

As I aged, I felt a crack in my back, and bent over, stretching. Man, this did not feel good at all.

Now I understand why Brittani never wanted to woo hoo. Kudos to her!

Maybe I did kill her, with my amazing moves in bed…

09-11-14_10-08 AM

And with that, it’s time for me to pass on the baton!

If you haven’t noticed by now, things have started to die out with me. I was an elder. I reached the top of my career. My wife was dead. I completed my aspiration. As sad as it is, I think my story is over.

I must declare the generation 4 heir.

The Defesco Legacy continues!!

Family Portrait 7



4 thoughts on “Update 3.5 – Blurry Eyes

  1. OlivesPlum06

    LOVE your legacy, your writing style is impeccable! The only critique I have is that sometimes your pictures are very dark, I know there’s a patch they just came out with to help with that, but otherwise, wonderful job!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much! I noticed pictures were very dark too. 😦 I’ve tried everything I could to try and brighten the pictures. I must’ve spent like $10k on lights! There’s probably at least 50 light fixtures in the house.
      Glad to here there’s something to fix that! I’ll have to install it.
      Thanks again!


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