Update 3.4 – Soul Mates Forever


Last time, I left off with Brittani giving birth to our first beautiful baby of generation 4!

Meet baby boy Donte Defesco! That’s right, I was lucky enough to have the first ever, first born boy of the Defesco family!! This put a smile on my face. I felt special.

09-09-14_9-37 PM

Brittani was worn out from labor, so I was the first one to feed my little man. He caught on well.

09-09-14_9-38 PM

Finally, we could move his bassinet out of our room (so we could get some sleep!) and into the nursery. It was complete.

09-09-14_9-52 PM

Now that Donte arrived, Brittant finally picked up a job in the tech guru field! I had no doubt she’d do great.

09-09-14_9-56 PM

The next night, at dinner, I suddenly remembered that Britt and I still weren’t married! We had some planning to do. I wanted to tie the knot as soon as possible, so I could finish up my aspiration (I needed 200 romantic interactions with my spouse!)

“So, now that our baby is here, when do you want to get married, my love?” I asked Brittani.

“Oh, any time works just fine with me. Except when I’m working, obviously.”

“How’s tomorrow after work sound?” I really could not wait any longer.

“Sounds wonderful. I can’t wait to finally commit to our relationship.”

“Okay, great. I will make a few phone calls. I know the perfect spot,” I told Brittani and guzzled down the rest of my food.

09-09-14_10-04 PM

In the morning, after Brittani left for work, I started to realize how much of an effect being a chef had on my body size. I really was putting on some weight. If we were getting married today, I had to shed some weight.

I had the best idea ever! I moved the treadmill in front of the TV, so I could watch my favorite TV show (the cooking channel) and work out. This way, I would build my athletic skill and cooking skill at the same time!

09-09-14_10-10 PM

The time finally arrived for Brittani and I to be wed. We only invited 6 friends. Surprisingly, my sister, Cresara actually showed up! She said that she got a one day vacation pass from the asylum.

09-09-14_10-13 PM


Brittani and I exchanged our vows. The wedding was everything we could ask for.

Soul mates forever.

09-09-14_10-20 PM09-09-14_10-20 PM-2

After the ceremony, Brittani and I commenced our marriage at home (since we couldn’t leave Donte at since a young age, for a honeymoon).

09-09-14_10-28 PM

The days quickly flew by, and we enjoyed the last few days of Donte as a baby.

09-09-14_10-32 PM 09-09-14_10-33 PM

The next night, after work, I aged into an adult! I also received another promotion to Pastry Chef… Go me!

09-09-14_10-34 PM

As expected, Donte quickly aged into a magnificent child. He aspired to be a Social Butterfly and rolled in the genius trait. I assume his brains came from his mom.

I was kind of sad to see that he was the first Defesco ever born without the signature green eyes. This was a trait that I never wanted our family to lose.

09-09-14_10-46 PM

Now that Don (that’s what we call him for short), was a child, Britt and I discussed having another baby.

“Maybe we’ll just have one more,” Brittani suggested.

“I don’t know… Twins are notorious to run in the Defesco family. There hasn’t been a generation without them.”

“I think we’ll be fine,” Brittani pushed the idea of having another kid.

“Oh fine. We can just woo hoo, and whatever happens, happens.”

09-09-14_10-52 PM

The next morning, we snuck into the observatory to have some fun.

09-09-14_10-54 PM 09-09-14_10-54 PM-2

Since Brittani and I actually were trying for a baby this time, she went straight to the bathroom and took a pregnancy test. I stood next to her the hole time.

Sure enough, when she threw the confetti (it was packaged in the box with the pregnancy test, cool huh?), I knew she was pregnant!

“Oh yay!!” I was very excited.

09-09-14_10-56 PM

Our son, Donte really interacted with anyone. We had some friends over one night, and I was surprised to see him schmoozing with the eldest of the group.

09-09-14_11-00 PM

Since Donte was a genius, Brittani finally had a challenge to play chess with. She always complained I was too easy to beat.

Donte and Brittani grew very close.

09-09-14_11-05 PM


Brittani told me that while I worked, she took Donte to the park, and he really hit it off with everyone. She looked over and he had a group of friends surrounding him within minutes.

09-09-14_11-12 PM

Unfortunately, during this pregnancy, Brittani gained a lot more weight, so she spent some time exercising.

09-09-14_11-27 PM

I’m sure my amazing cooking skills didn’t help much!

I really was getting good at cooking. I could now do some pretty neat tricks with my supplies!

09-09-14_11-32 PM

Since I was home during the day, and Britt was home during the night, I’d have the duty of helping Don with his homework.

Even though he probably knew more than I did.

09-09-14_11-41 PM

Donte and I grew very close as well. He really was very easy to get along with!

“Dad, let’s take a selfie on your phone,” he snatched my phone out of my pocket. “Say cheese!”

09-09-14_11-44 PM

Brittani and I woo hoo’d nearly every night (even though she was already pregnant). But the one time, the unexpected happened.

“AHHHH!” Brittani screamed.

“What? Did I hurt you?” I immediately stopped.

“No! But, it triggered labor!” Brittani yelled.

I didn’t even know this was possible.

(Brittani really did go into labor while woo hoo’ing)

09-09-14_11-45 PM

She quickly jumped out of bed (still in her sexy lingerie) and pushed. It was time!!

09-09-14_11-47 PM

I won’t leave ya’ hanging again this time, so meet our baby girl, Desiree Defesco!

09-09-14_11-49 PM

Desiree was so precious. I couldn’t wait to see her features come out even more as a child. She was already gorgeous, like her mother.

09-10-14_8-39 AM

We also finished up her nursery, just in time.

Her room was my parent’s old room, we were able to fit a few more toys.

09-10-14_8-50 AM

Donte peaked in the bassinet for the first time.

He just smiled, and walked away.

Later, I learned that he was upset about having a baby sister. He loved all the attention. Donte always wanted to be an only child.

09-10-14_8-51 AM


Soon enough, Brittani aged into an elder.

But she didn’t become any less pretty.

09-10-14_8-56 AM

In fact, her gray hair made me want her even more…


09-10-14_8-57 AM

Now that Brittani is an elder, I suppose we are finished having children. How will our lives be raising Donte and Desiree? Find out in the next update!

Family Portrait 5




4 thoughts on “Update 3.4 – Soul Mates Forever

    • Haha, that was so unintentional. I didn’t realize until I was typing the update. I was like “Oh shoot! Cresara’s supposed to be in an asylum.” Haha.
      That was a creative way to think of the confetti, huh? Really loving the family!
      Donte does have some pretty solid features. If only he had the green eyes… :/


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