Update 3.3 – Turning Around


My depression hit hard, and at the worst possible time. I knew, as heir, I couldn’t let the Defesco’s down. My grandfather had one goal in mind, and I will continue this legacy. I didn’t care what my father wanted anymore. This was all for Pop-pop Allen.

Finally, after struggling to even find a desire to live, I decided to get out. I ended up picking up on the mixology skill and traveling to different bars to tend.

People saw the sad look on my face, and I always got questioned.

09-09-14_9-17 AM

I liked bartending. For one, I did not have to see my dad’s face. For two, I knew it would help me out when I finally got a culinary career. Unfortunately, all of the positions are filled at this moment. Besides the fact, I probably would be in no mood to work in a kitchen right now…

That’s when we met. Her name was Brittani.

Brittani was a little tipsy the night we first me. “Oh gosh, what’s your name?” She asked me.

“I’m Clarence,” at first, I kinda’ brushed her off. I still didn’t feel in any mood to talk to women.

“I’m Brittani, and this is my friend Fred,” Her words were slurred and I could barely understand her. “He’s gay.”

“Hi,” Freddy waved and winked at me.

“Uhhh, I’m not into boys… Or women at the moment,” I warned.

“Don’t worry about him,” Brittani started. “He has a boyfriend… Me, on the other hand… Anyways, you’re cute.”

Ugh… Maybe I’d just give her a chance. See what she was like.

09-09-14_9-20 AM

When I returned home from the bar that night, I thought deeply about Brittani.

Could I possibly be falling for her? Was I finally moving on?


I shook the idea out of my head, and browsed my online job profile. Suddenly, I saw that I had an offer at the diner down the street! They were hiring a mixologist! I accepted the offer.

It was time for Clarence Defesco to start over! I picked my life up out of the dirt, and started fresh.

09-09-14_9-25 AM

All night, the only thing I could think of was Brittani. I actually couldn’t wait to see her tomorrow when she wasn’t drunk. Hopefully she still had feelings for me.

Sure enough, the next day, when I invited her over, we instantly hit things off!

That day, we declared our relationship status as good friends.

Even sober, Brittani was the perfect girl. Potentially, my soul mate.

09-09-14_9-33 AM

After a few days of getting to know Brittani, we were ready to take our relationship to the next level.

This is exactly what I needed.

Finally, I started to feel better about my life.

09-09-14_9-50 AM 09-09-14_9-51 AM

After a hard day at work (I really enjoyed my new job; it was a lot better than the landscaping job), I really couldn’t wait to hang out with Britt.

Unfortunately, it was 11:30 by the time I got home, and she already was sleeping.

I guess a girl that beautiful needed her sleep.

09-09-14_9-53 AM

Things were pretty busy at work, so the days flew by, until the unthinkable happened…

09-09-14_10-33 AM

My father, Bruno Defesco, died of old age. He barely made it home from work. No matter how much I felt disrespected by my dad, for some reason, deep down inside, I felt heart broken. I remembered all the times we giggled and played when I was growing up. I thought back to playing pirates with him; him cooking us dinner every night. I realized he was my inspiration behind my interest in cooking. Suddenly, I realized I was balling my eyes out.

I thought I would have been joyed by my father’s passing, after he ruined my life. I had wasted so many years because of him, sad and depressed. Why did I feel sorrow now?

That’s when Britt showed up by my side.

09-09-14_10-33 AM-2

“I’m sorry for your loss Clarence,” Brittani warmed my heart. “I didn’t realize how close you two were. You never really talked about your father.”

I didn’t tell Brittani about anything. I assumed I would tell her eventually, but now was not the time.

I wiped the tears from my eyes, looked up, and noticed she was crying too.

“Why are you crying?” I asked Brittani. She didn’t even know my father… Or did she?! I swear, if my father was with her too, I was done.

“Sorry. It’s just,” the tears were pouring down her face. “All of my life, I have been a gloomy person.”

It made sense now. But, if she was gloomy, the next few days would be terrible because I was sad myself.

09-09-14_3-10 PM

We decided to take the conversation inside, and I whipped up some garlic noodles.

I realized how lonely the house would be without my father. I would be the only one living here. I started to cry again.

No. I can’t do it alone. Before, the only thing preventing me from asking Britt to move in with me was the fear my dad would steal her from me too. Now, he was gone. I was confident that I would have Brittani all to myself.

“Britt, things are gonna’ be pretty lonely here,” I wiped the tears from my face, again. “So, would you move in with me?”

“Oh boy,” she rubbed her hands together, and I could tell she was still sad. “Of course I will Clarence.”

She was such a hard person to read! I thought she was about ready to cry her eyes out, and deny me.

09-09-14_3-14 PM

The next day, I noticed that Brittani was on the computer almost all day.

“Whatcha’ doing there?” I asked.

“Oh nothing. Just some programming,” Brittani responded. Suddenly, I remembered how successful my grandfather was with programming in the tech guru field.

“You should get a job in the tech guru career,” I suggested. Hoping this wouldn’t go over wrong. I could tell Britt was still sad.

“Oh yeah. That sounds interesting. I’ll look into it.”

“If you need any recommendations, just mention the Defesco’s. My grandfather was very popular.” I had no doubts she’d easily get a job.

09-09-14_3-17 PM

Brittani and I went on dates almost every night, and finally, after our fifth date, I felt confident enough to ask her the question. It was time for me to finally start a relationship again.

“Brittani, will you be my girlfriend?” Once again, she had a frown on her face, and I expected a denial.

“Of course I will Clarence,” Brittani said as she wrapped me in a hug.

We were official…

The next night, when I came home from work, I realized that Brittani got a little makeover. She looked beautiful before, and now, she was just stunning!

09-09-14_3-28 PM

I couldn’t resist any longer.

This definitely brightened my mind, for the first time in a while.

09-09-14_3-29 PM

Finally, the next morning, I felt 100% back to normal. I was very happy. That woo hoo sure made a difference.

I was going to propose.

09-09-14_3-41 PM

First, I went downstairs, and my genius, stunning girl friend was playing chess.

“Hey babe,” I cleared my morning voice away. “How about a nice date in the park today?”

“That’d be just wonderful,” she responded.

09-09-14_3-42 PM 09-09-14_3-42 PM-2

Then, at the park, I made the scene very flirty and romantic.

A nice smooch should do.

09-09-14_3-48 PM

Finally, the mood was just right. I bent down on one knee (for the second time in my life, and hopefully the last).

“Brittani Bain, will you marry me?” I was a professional at this now.

But, when she didn’t answer right away, I got nervous. It was the Sienna situation all over again. Then, I thought to myself, wait… She’s gloomy. This is how she answered all of my questions. No worries.

It wasn’t until she started crying that I really panicked. I just smiled harder.

The frown on her face was heart breaking… Could she really do this to me?

09-09-14_3-48 PM-2

Suddenly, she snatched the ring out of my hand. “Of course I will, silly! This ring is beautiful… Did you think I was gonna’ say no?”

“Uhhhh. I always do,” I teased.

09-09-14_3-49 PM

We wrapped each other in a warming kiss.

But I noticed, she was still crying.

“Britt, what’s wrong babe? Be happy, for once…”

09-09-14_3-49 PM-2

“I am happy Clarence. I’m overwhelmingly happy. Because, there’s something you don’t know… I’m pregnant!” She revealed the huge news, shocking me almost as much as I shocked her.

I now realized why no one answers me right away when I shock them. It’s literally breath taking.

This time around, it felt so much better. “I am over joyed.” I told Brittani.

Atlas, my life finally turned around.

09-09-14_3-50 PM

At night, after work, I tried to look at Brittani’s belly… How could I not notice?

“Britt, you aren’t even that big,” I reassured her.

“You really think so Clarence? Because, my third trimester is tomorrow,” I couldn’t believe she was already that far along.

“My lady, as always, you look stunning,” I grabbed her hand and kissed it romantically.

(Also, tonight, at work, I chose the Chef path!)

09-09-14_3-56 PM

Brittani loved my cooking.

09-09-14_4-01 PM

She was too caught up in eating that she actually forgot to go to the bathroom.

Brittani had an accident! Woopsies!

09-09-14_4-02 PM

Brittani was a genius. She obsessed over sciences. Since she moved in with $20,000, we had some extra money, so she decided to buy this huge observatory.

I still didn’t understand what was so great about it, or why we needed it. It seemed a bit over the top.

09-09-14_4-06 PM

At dinner, Brittani and I speculated how greatly our lives would be changed very soon.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Definitely. I can’t wait to meet our little peanut. Our first kid.” When she said this, I almost spit out my food… It was her first kid.

09-09-14_4-09 PM

Sure enough, after dinner we decided to woo hoo. We figured there wouldn’t be much time once the baby came.

I feared poking my little man in the eye.

09-09-14_4-10 PM

And the next morning, I reconsidered buying the telescope.

Maybe it was a good idea after all.

It sure was fun… Telescope woo hoo!

09-09-14_4-13 PM

Britt even bought this cool new toy. It was a virtual video game! Surely, when my father was creating video games, this was not around. I hoped that when Brittani finally got a job after the baby arrived, she could create video games for it!

09-09-14_4-15 PM

Suddenly, that night, when I was getting ready to go to bed, Britt jumped up.

“I’m in labor!!” She screamed.

“Oh gosh. Do you think it was all the woo hoo’ing?” I thought maybe I hurt him or her.

“Nah, it’s tiiiiimeeeeee!” She started screaming, extending the word time.

09-09-14_4-19 PM

Brittani told me just to sleep and she would handle the rest.

As promised (while I slept), Brittany grasped her stomach, let out the smallest squeak, and…

09-09-14_4-20 PM 09-09-14_4-20 PM-2

Ta-da! Our baby was born!! She did wonderful at pushing. Didn’t even wake me up.

09-09-14_4-22 PM

I’m gonna’ leave ya’ guys hanging there?… Ten fingers, ten toes, boy or girl, nobody knows!!


5 thoughts on “Update 3.3 – Turning Around

    • Lol are they? I haven’t even noticed, haha. I do notice that a lot of them die in their sleep, lol.
      Brittani is the perfect sim! Love her. I’m actually kinda glad things didn’t work out with Sienna.
      And, haha, I had to pull a cliff hanger like you, at some point. I usually do about 30-40 screenshots, and this time, it just ended at the perfect time!


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