Update 3.2 – Big Mistake


Last time I ended becoming a young adult. Now, I had the option to continue my relationship with Sienna, or start another one.

I hope you guys aren’t too surprised, but the first thing I did was invite Sienna over, and start flirting with her.



09-08-14_9-03 PM


After all, Sienna was my soul mate. I decided it was time for Sienna to move in with us.

09-08-14_9-05 PM


Once Sienna moved in, things started moving pretty quickly. We shared our first kiss together.

09-08-14_9-16 PM

Things were moving very quickly. I mean, what do you expect from soul mates. We couldn’t resist each other.

I have to admit, woo hooing Sienna was pretty weird. The thought that my dad was here just a few days ago…

Whatever. That was over now.

09-08-14_9-18 PM


After our woo hoo, I decided to work on improving my cooking skill. As a foodie, I loved good quality food. I think I wanted to be a chef.

09-08-14_9-11 PM

The next day, I wanted to ask Sienna on a date. I know, it was a bit backwards to kiss and woo hoo before the date, but it didn’t matter. Soul mates were soul mates.

“So, you ready for I first date,” I asked as we sat on my bed.

“You already now I am!” She commented and started to get dressed.

09-08-14_9-19 PM

We decided to go out for drinks at the lounge in Oasis Springs.

09-08-14_9-22 PM

Once again, things got heated up rather quickly.

09-08-14_9-23 PM

While we sat on the couch at the lounge, simply enjoying the music, Sienna complained, “My back hurts so bad.”

“Oh don’t worry about that, honey,” I said and started massaging her back. “How’s this feel?”

“Wonderful… But, I almost feel like I’m going to-” Sienna stood up and darted for the bathroom.


09-08-14_9-25 PM


I walked over to the ladies’ room and knocked on the door.

“Sienna, you alright in there?”

“Yes, I’ll be out in just a-” I heard Sienna vomit.

I suppose she just had too much to drink. I was sad that our date had to end like this.

09-08-14_9-26 PM


But, it didn’t! Sienna came out, grabbed my hand, and walked me over to the couch. I couldn’t wait to make out with her again. Even if there were chunks stuck in her teeth still.

“Clarence, there’s something I have to tell you.” Oh gosh, this didn’t sound good, I thought. “… I’m pregnant.”

My eyes widened.

“Yay!! I’m so excited Sienna!!” I always wanted to be a father, even if it was so soon.

09-08-14_9-27 PM


I couldn’t hold back my excitement anymore. Sienna and I started making out.

Even though this was a lot sooner than I expected, I was excited nonetheless. Our date ended on a high note. This was by far the most legendary date.

09-08-14_9-29 PM

The next day, Sienna and I wanted to spend all of the time together before our little baby got here. We decided to go on another date at the museum. It was a lot nicer than expected! They had a small bar, a pianist, and we overlooked the bay.

09-08-14_9-41 PM

Little did Sienna know, I was ready to take our relationship to the next level.

“Sienna,” I started. “With our baby coming very soon, I think we should become a couple. Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Oh of course I will Clarence!!”

But, I didn’t wanna’ stop there. I grabbed Sienna’s hand, and walked down to the lagoon.



09-08-14_9-44 PM


“Sienna, I know this is moving very fast, but we have known each other for a very long time now, so without further adieu, will you marry me?” I dropped down to one knee and pulled out a ring.

Just then, the ferry breezed by and the full moon was at its peak. This date couldn’t get any more romantic!

Unfortunately, it took Sienna a while to answer.

09-08-14_9-47 PM

“Sienna?” I asked again.

“…Yes!! Yes I will!” She screamed and leaped in my arms. Something was suspicious about that. I didn’t question it though.

She suddenly whispered in my ear, “Can we get married now?”

“Well, I wanted something a little more romantic,” my alluring side was coming out.

“No Clarence. This is fine.”

09-08-14_9-48 PM

So, with that said, we exchanged our vows right there at the lagoon.

I didn’t have any doubts about our relationship, no matter how fast we moved. We had been best friends before this for years. We even got through the tough times… I was so happy to marry my best friend. My soul mate.

09-08-14_9-50 PM

When we returned home, Sienna went directly upstairs to go to bed.

I decided to stay up and study mixology. I knew from my ancestors that it would help me excel in the culinary career. I would be getting a job very soon. Once Sienna gave birth.

09-08-14_10-05 PM

Sure enough, the next day, when Sienna were on our third wonderful date in the park, she went into labor!

I was in the middle of flirting, when suddenly she jumped. “Did I hurt you, I asked?”

“No! But, I’m in labor!!” Sienna screamed. “Let’s go to the hospital… Now!”

09-08-14_10-21 PM

At the hospital, all went smoothly.

… Until I held my baby girl in my hands…

She looked just like…

My dad!!

09-08-14_10-25 PM

That’s when I realized it! The baby wasn’t mine! It was my father’s!! That’s why Sienna was acting so suspicious. She knew this entire time that she was pregnant with his baby, and not mine! That’s why she wanted to woo hoo with me so fast; to make me think that it was mine!! I was beyond furious. I demanded a paternity test at the hospital, and sure enough, the baby wasn’t mine. This was the end.

“SIENNA!!” I screamed. “I can’t deal with you anymore. You tricked me, you dirty *** *****!” Things turned very violent, so I will leave that out…

But, in the end, I kicked Sienna and the baby girl (we never even had the chance to name her) out.





09-08-14_10-30 PM


There was just one more thing to do before Sienna left.

“Oh, yeah, I am divorcing you too!” I yelled at Sienna and threw her bags on the ground. “NOW GET OUT!!”

09-08-14_10-31 PM

I never told dad about the whole situation. I didn’t even tell him that Sienna and I got married, or that she had a baby; his baby. I’m sure she wouldn’t tell him either.

I couldn’t even look my father in the face anymore.

09-08-14_10-37 PM

I started giving up on the legacy. I really didn’t want to have anything to do with this anymore. My father screwed me. I was heart broken and destroyed inside. I never wanted a girl friend again…

I fell into a deep depression.

09-09-14_8-59 AM



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