Update 3.1 – Family Drama


Previously, my father left off choosing the generation 3 heir!! So, who did he pick…

Hi everyone! Clarence Defesco here. I am the Generation 3 heir. My father didn’t tell me right away. He said it was so difficult for him to decide between my twin sister and I. Cresara was out of the running. But, in the end, he told me that my traits, aspiration, and looks would make a more interesting story. He also mentioned how rare boys were in the Defesco family, so he almost felt obligated to pick me over Colleen. So, here goes nothing!

09-08-14_9-04 AM

Growing up, my mother and father emphasized the importance of exercising (he said that his parents and sister were fat; I barely remembered my grandfather), so I decided to use dad’s punching bag in my free time.

09-08-14_9-00 AM

Remember how my sister’s went out to the library the other day, and met some people? Well, they were actually pretty popular. In fact, one of their closest friends actually was around our age! I just had to get to know her better.

“Hiya there,” I introduced myself. “My name is Clarence.”

“Hey man, wassup?” She gave a little head nod.

“Sit down and watch the game!” My sister Cresara yelled.

We were watching the World Sim Cup. Unfortunately, Sunset Valley’s team was winning.

09-08-14_9-02 AM

We all simply hung out, and enjoyed the rest of the game. I mainly focused on getting to know Sienna better.

“I love your name, Sienna,” I complimented her.

“Thanks. You have a nice name too… So, what do you like to do in your free time?” Sienna asked, and the slow talk continued.

I told you, we were just getting to know each other! Gosh.

09-08-14_9-04 AM-2

My sisters eventually left Sienna and I alone (well, almos). I scooched over next to Sienna… But still, nothing happened. My father taught me well and I knew to respect women. Maybe Sienna and I weren’t even compatible. However, I did enjoy getting to know her better.

09-08-14_9-06 AM

As Sienna gathered her belongings to leave, I popped my hand in the air.

“Hi five?” I asked.

Sienna slapped my hand. It was a start, right? I decided to head up to bed once she left. It felt good to make my first friend.

09-08-14_9-09 AM

The next day, after school my sisters and I completed our daily routine: homework and then an afternoon snack. Cresara actually earned an A in school, so she was able to get a part time job (as my father promised). She was a barista.

While doing homework, my sister’s joked with me.

“Clarence has a crush on Sienna,” Cresara teased.

“We saw you two smiling at each other yesterday,” Coll added.

“Shut up guys! No I don’t,” I couldn’t tell myself if I had a crush on Sienna, so how did they know? I honestly just felt like friends with Sienna.

“Falling for the older women, just like dad,” Cresara reminded me that Sienna was a little older than her.

09-08-14_9-19 AM

Sure enough, after completing my homework, all I could think about was Sienna. I decided to give her a buzz.

“Hey Sienna, it’s Clarence.”

“Oh hey! I was just thinking about calling you,” This made me feel good about our relationship. “Can I come over?” I hoped that she wanted to come over to hang out with me; not my sisters.

“Yeah! That sounds fun!” I was enthusiastic.

“Great. I’ll be over shortly.”

09-08-14_9-32 AM

In case you were wondering (because I know how much you guys loved my dad’s story), he chose the Diamond Agent career track and was promoted to Spy Captain.

09-08-14_9-34 AM

Sure enough, Sienna was over in a heart beat, and she actually was there to see me!

Once again, we just spent the night getting to know each other better.

This time, however, our good byes meant a little more. We actually hugged each other. We were good friends.

09-08-14_9-35 AM

Surprisingly, my dad actually decided to move on. I never thought he would get over my mother’s death, but I noticed his “friend” June over often. I could tell June actually was falling for my charming, attractive father.

Why couldn’t I have his moves?

09-08-14_9-43 AM

Whenever my sisters or I would ask him about his relationship with June, he’d simply respond “It’s for my job.”

09-08-14_9-45 AM

I, honestly, didn’t even wanna’ know what they did together… Why does my dad like old women so much?

09-08-14_9-46 AM

As the weeks passed by, both Coll and I earned A’s in school as well. I decided to turn down my father’s offer and not get a job right away. Coll, however, quickly got a job as a nanny.

09-08-14_9-47 AM

As usual, after homework, I invited Sienna over.

We enjoyed doing everything together… Even play fighting!

Although sometimes, I would take it to far, and she cursed me out… Woops.

09-08-14_10-26 AM

Afterwards though, we’d just hug it out and everything was okay.

Unfortunately, I usually went to bed pretty early, so I had to ask Sienna to leave almost the instant she arrived.

09-08-14_10-30 AM

The next afternoon, dad’s “friend” June helped us with homework. I was thankful, because now I would be able to hang out with Sienna longer!!

09-08-14_10-46 AM

Sure enough, when Sienna came over that day, we made our relationship official! I know, I’m sorry, I skipped a lot…

We were best friends forever!!

Now that I felt extremely comfortable around Sienna, tomorrow, I would ask her out on a date. Maybe my sisters were right. Perhaps I did have a crush on my BFF.

09-08-14_10-51 AM

Unfortunately, the next day, when I invited her over, Sienna looked a little different.

“Yesterday was my birthday!!” Sienna jumped for joy.

“Oh… Great,” I was happy for my BFF, but now that she was a young adult, it was illegal in Willow Creek to have a relationship with her. I was completely bummed out. I looked forward to getting to know Sienna on a deeper level, but now, I had to wait.

09-08-14_10-57 AM

Now that Sienna was an adult, I had nothing to do in my free time, so I decided to get a part time job too! I applied for a landscaping job, and snagged it!

09-08-14_11-03 AM

That’s when it happened…

09-08-14_11-05 AM

Flames exploded from the stove and I noticed my twin was on fire!! I suddenly felt crushed inside. There’s no way I could live without her!!

Luckily, my amazing, fabulous dad extinguished Coll and the fire. He truly was the best. Coll wouldn’t have been here without him, literally.

09-08-14_11-06 AM

Luckily, the damage wasn’t too bad. My athletic father rushed to the fire just in time. We only lost the stove and one counter. Insurance ended up giving us $5,404 to cover the damage! I thought it was a lot, until my father told me that the stove costed $12,000… Well, I guess that’s not being replaced. We bought a cheaper one instead.

09-08-14_11-06 AM-2

Even though Sienna aged, I did not want to lose our relationship. We decided to hit up the gym together.

Sienna made fun of me, “How can you even lift a single weight? You’re skin and bones… Literally!”

I simply laughed her joke off (we always joked like this to each other), and said “Well, at least I have clothes on!” I pointed at how short her shorts were.

09-08-14_11-13 AM

The next morning was my first day at work, and boy was it tough work. I didn’t enjoy it one bit. I would come home each day all sweaty and gross. I quit on the spot.

09-08-14_11-19 AM

Supposedly, my father’s “friend” June died, so he quickly moved on to our neighbor Olivia. Of course, she also was an old lady…

Maybe it really was for his job? And maybe he really did enjoy older women?…

I guess I would find out soon, because Sienna was older than me!

09-08-14_11-22 AM

As quick as Olivia came around, she too passed on of old age. Man, my father kept losing!

That night, I picked up a new hobby. Sienna and I played chess together.

09-08-14_1-15 PM

That night, as we all lay sound asleep in our beds, Cresara aged into a young adult and received the materialistic trait. She literally drove herself insane, and she was placed in an asylum. Poor Cresara, I’d probably never see her again.

09-08-14_1-17 PM

Meanwhile… Downstairs…

The only person awake in the house did something very unexpected…

09-08-14_1-23 PM

After school the next day, I could tell something just wasn’t right in our house. When I went to bed last night, Sienna didn’t leave right away. My sisters went to bed too. The only person up was my father… I had to ask my twin for reassurance.

“Do you think dad has been flirting with Sienna?” The question was unexpected. I could tell Coll was thrown off guard.

She looked up to me and said, “Would dad really fall in love with someone that much younger than him?”

Colleen was right, like usual. See, this is why I could never do without my twin. She meant the world to me.

09-08-14_3-33 PM

My father thought he was, such a hot-shot and could get any girl he wanted, now that he was the boss at work.

“Guess who’s a Double Diamond Agent?” My father rubbed in his fame.

I looked at my father completely different now. Even though Colleen assured me he did not have anything going on with Sienna, I couldn’t be certain. In my mind, I thought that my father switched his interest to younger women since three of his “ladies” passed on.

09-08-14_3-37 PM

Sure enough, the next night when Sienna came over, I decided to confront her about the entire situation. I felt way more comfortable talking to my BFF than my father.

“Sienna,” I started. “I hate to doubt you, but is there anything you need to tell me?”

“What do you me Clarence?” She seemed a bit puzzled.

“I don’t know… Are you still single and what not?” I tried to hint at the problem, without throwing my dad under the bus completely. I mean, how would I look if my suspicions were false.

“Clarence, stop acting weird, okay?”

I couldn’t resist anymore, I grabbed her hand and jolted upstairs with her.

09-08-14_3-39 PM

We sat on my bed, while Colleen slept next to us.

“Listen, Sienna, even though we are only BFF’s, you mean the world to me. When I age up, which will be very soon, I want you to be my soulmate. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. It’s my aspiration,” I hoped this didn’t cross the border.

“I understand Clarence. But right now, we can’t do anything. Laws are laws,” she shook my hand off her thigh… Suddenly, I started to make a move.

I brought Sienna’s head in close to mine, and started to take my shirt off.

“Clarence! NO!” Sienna turned her head the other way and ran downstairs.

Clearly, I took it way too far. Hopefully this didn’t make things awkward between us. I was upset and decided to fall asleep. I figured in the morning, I would apologize.

09-08-14_3-40 PM

While I dreamed of having Sienna as my soulmate…

Downstairs, the unthinkable was happening (the following scene’s will not be narrated by Clarence).

Sienna: “Listen, we really need to tone our relationship down, Clarence is starting to catch on.”

Bruno: “Oh don’t worry… We will. There’s no way he can catch a Diamond Double Agent.”

09-08-14_3-42 PM

Bruno: “How’s this for toning it down?”

Bruno looked deep within Sienna’s eyes.

09-08-14_3-42 PM-2

And then, he made a move.

09-08-14_3-43 PM

Which evolved into this…

09-08-14_3-45 PM

And eventually ended with this…

09-08-14_3-46 PM09-08-14_3-47 PM

The next morning, I woke up feeling refreshed. Tomorrow, I would be an adult, and I could finally have Sienna. I decided to put on my big boy pants and confront my father.

“Dad, I have a weird feeling,” I almost felt as if I was going to puke.

“Speak your mind son. I am always here for you,” He assured me.

“I think you’re hooking up with Sienna,” I finally managed to speak.

“Yeah… And?” Was all my dad could come up with.

Seriously?! The loving, caring father that was ‘oh so great’ growing up, now didn’t even care for my feelings?! And he admitted to hooking up with Sienna?! Ugh. This was gross.

“Dad!! Sienna was supposed to be my soulmate.”

“Well, I’m sorry, I promise… It’s part of my job,” I was getting tired of that excuse. “I thought she was a super villain, so I had to sleep with her to make sure she actually was Sim, and not robot.”

Maybe he was telling the truth. I had faith in him, but the only way he could fix it was by ending things with her.

“Can you please just tell her everything is over between you too then? Please.” I begged my father.

“Not a problem son.”

09-08-14_5-01 PM

Minutes after asking my father, I heard screaming outside.

“It’s over Sienna!” My father shouted.

“What?! I didn’t even think we had anything. That was just a one night stand,” it sickened me to think Sienna believed in those.

“Well, I just wanted to make sure you didn’t think we had anything.”

“I didn’t. But, guess who’s gonna’ be paying child-care for the rest of their life?” Sienna asked him.

And then, I didn’t hear the rest. It got quiet.

09-08-14_5-03 PM

Later that night, after Sienna went home, my father aged into an elder. Maybe now that he was an elder, Sienna would lose all feelings for him… If she even had any to begin with.

09-08-14_5-06 PM

After my dad’s birthday, it was my sister and I’s birthday. My father actually decided to bake us each a cake… He still did care.

09-08-14_5-09 PM

First up, me!!

I aged and rolled in the materialistic trait.

I could not wait to confront Sienna tomorrow!

09-08-14_5-10 PM

Then, my sister aged, rolling in the loner trait. This meant that she didn’t want to be around anyone. Sadly, she moved out.

It was weird being with her my entire life (since I was a little tadpole in my mom’s tummy), and now she was gone…

09-08-14_5-13 PM

And, I suppose this is where I will end my first update! Will Sienna and I work things out? What other twists lie ahead in the Defesco legacy?


4 thoughts on “Update 3.1 – Family Drama

  1. Yoooo, Bruno better have been sincere in his explanation to Clarence. I feel so bad for Clarence because he thought he found his soulmate ;(. Starting to like Bruno less especially since he thinks he’s hot ish as a diamond agent xD becoming a lil manw^%$3. Poor Clarence & uh oh pay child care? Is Sienna prego? :0 Can’t wait to see if her and Clarence end up together now that he’s an adult.


    • Haha you’ll just have to find out. I really like sienna too!
      Bruno’s job is getting to his head, but it really is part of his job to flirt with girls! Too bad he ended up flirting with the same girl as his son. Hey, Clarence never told his dad, so technically, she was fair game!
      You’ll just have to wait and see what happens!


  2. I can’t believe Bruno, what a D-bag. I liked Sienna until she was sleeping with Clarence’s dad, sorry but to me that shows she doesn’t respect him. Ugh, so much drama! I wonder what’s going to happen.


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