Update 2.5 – Family Love


I last left off with the twins aging into children, and the founder of the Defesco legacy, my father, passing away…

After dad passed away, I figured I should invite the twins over and tell them. They also brought along their red-headed friend Norma.

I brought my words together as good as I could, “Dad died last night in his sleep.”

There was silence.

Brielle started crying, “Dad called us the other night to let us know he wasn’t-” She started hysterically crying.

Luckily, her twin could finish her sentence, “To let us know he wasn’t doing well.” Although Breanne was crying too, she could actually speak. “We were going to stop by, but we didn’t think it’d happen this soon.”

I didn’t want Breanne and Brielle to feel any worse, so I drove them and their friend home. I still don’t understand why she came.

09-07-14_9-52 AM


The next morning, I was saddened even further. All three of my children ran off to school.

“See ya’ dad!” They all screamed.

It brought a tear to my eye, seeing the Defesco family growing so fast. I loved my family to death (there’s that family oriented trait kicking in again).

09-07-14_10-07 AM

Even though I was at work when the kids came home from school, I didn’t even have to ask them to do their homework. All three of them were such good kids.

09-07-14_10-12 AM

Fortunately, I managed to pick myself up pretty well after my father’s death, and I snagged a promotion to Lead Detective. My boss also raised my pay to $47/hr… Still not nearly enough to pay the huge bills.

09-07-14_10-17 AM

Later that night, when I was sitting down to enjoy my favorite comedy show, Colleen got down and started doing push-ups. Like mother, like daughter!

” ‘Ata girl!” I was proud of my daughter for working out.

09-07-14_10-37 AM

Of course, since Colleen was always working out, her mother showed some favoritism towards her.

“Ayyee Coll, hip bump!” They jumped up and bumped hips.

09-07-14_10-38 AM

Suddenly, I realized that it was almost Thursday; that meant that the bills of $4,716 were due or they would cut our electric. I only had about $2,000 in the bank account! There’s no way I’d have that much money in a couple of days. Unfortunately, as much as I loved my collections, I decided to sell every gem, fossil, metal, element, frog, and trophy in my inventory for a whopping $4,000. Now, I had enough to pay for them bills!

09-07-14_11-00 AM

I decided to reward the kids for their hard work in school (since I had a couple thousand leftover), and I bought them some monkey bars.

Clarence loved them!

09-07-14_11-03 AM

I also decided to set up my secret agent study area. I placed down everything my job had rewarded me for being promoted. The only thing that was missing was a computer. Of course, I bought the most expensive one I could afford. I needed to start programming for my job.

This brought a tear to my eye. I remembered how much time my father had spent programming to support my sisters and I growing up. Now, I was doing it for my three children. This is the wonder of a legacy.

09-07-14_11-04 AM

Oh! I also forgot to mention that when I paid the bills the other day, I found this nifty plaque in our mailbox. It had no return address, but I assumed it was for completing my “my sims trophy” collection. Pretty neat, eh?

09-07-14_11-11 AM

On Thursday, I cooked some pancakes for the kids and I, for dinner (I know, who eats pancakes for dinner? Well, the kids loved them). Unfortunately, Emerson worked the night shift, so she couldn’t join us. Suddenly, I had a great idea.

“How would you guys like to go to the park on Saturday?” I asked my kids. My father only took me to the library once when I was kid. Other than that, I didn’t get out much. I wanted to show my kids the world.

“Oh cool!!” Cresara exclaimed.

“I wanna’ go!!” The twins talked at the same time.

Sounded like we had plans for the weekend.

09-07-14_11-16 AM

The next night, I aged into an adult and did not feel any different at all. I felt there wasn’t even a need to celebrate my birthday.

09-07-14_11-31 AM

Sure enough, on Saturday night, as promised, I took the kids to the park. It was great family time. We all had a blast. Once again, I was saddened that Emerson couldn’t make it because of work.

I played pirates with Clarence. “Rawrrrr! I’m a sea-monster,” I jumped up and scared him.

“Dad! The pirate’s supposed to say ‘rrrrrrrr’, not the sea-monster!” Clarence giggled.

While we played pirates, the girls enjoyed the monkey bars.

09-07-14_11-34 AM

When we returned home from the park, Emerson still wasn’t back from work.

“Dad, can you read to us?” Colleen asked.

“Please, please, please.” They all begged.

“No fair! It’s three against one,” I joked. “… Oh alright. What book do you guys wanna’ read?”

Of course, our Whiz Kid Colleen suggested the book Three Little Sims. She’s probably the only one that read books. Anyways, I actually enjoyed reading to my children. Any bit of family time put a smile on my face. I never remembered having time like this with my father.

09-07-14_11-51 AM-2

Once the story was over, the kids stretched and yawned.

“I’m going to bed,” Cresara commented and hustled up the steps.

Colleen asked, “Can you read it again? Please daddy?” How could I say no to that cute little face.

“Of course I will Colleen,” I started reading the story again. Halfway through, Clarence got tired and started boogying to the music. He loved to dance. I ended up reading to Colleen for three hours that night.

09-07-14_11-55 AM

Once the kids went to bed, I stayed up on the couch, until Emerson got home. She came running in the doors.

“I got promoted!! I’m a mixologist!!” Em was so excited. This had always been her dream job. Now she could mix cocktails for her job.

I snuggled Emerson in and we went to bed.

09-07-14_11-56 AM

Becoming a mixologist must have been the only thing Emerson wanted in life, because that night, she passed on quietly. She too, went in her sleep.

It was so sad waking up in the morning, rolling over, and not being able to kiss Emerson good morning.

09-07-14_11-59 AM09-07-14_12-00 PM

Of course, as I was just getting over my father’s death, Emerson dies too. I had to take my frustration off on something. I decided to sell the treadmill (I wasn’t into cardio much), and buy a punching bag.

I practiced my moves, taking all my feelings out on the bag. I knew Emerson would be proud to see me working out.

09-07-14_12-05 PM

Even though I wasn’t supposed to let people sit in my fancy chair, I allowed Clarence to play video games on the computer. He loved them. It was cool to see him playing games my father had created years ago. Many of my father’s products were still top-sellers.

09-07-14_12-09 PM

Even though the girls weren’t the twins in this family, they grew very close. Colleen, my little whiz kid, loved playing chess, and, of course, Cresara would join her.

09-07-14_12-11 PM

Even after Emerson passed, the kids still stayed focused in school and would sit outside in our driveway when it was nice to do their homework. All three of them ended up getting A’s in elementary school.

09-07-14_12-21 PM

Since I was still at work for a few hours once the kids got home, Aunt Brielle volunteered to watch them until I got home.

Brielle never planned on having children over her own, so she loved spending time with her nieces and nephew.

09-07-14_12-32 PM

After Emerson passed, things slowed down a lot around the house. Nothing much happened, and before I knew it, it was Cresara’s birthday! She aspired to be a freelance botanist and rolled in the collector trait (she definitely got this from me!) and the insane trait. I think her mother’s passing had something to do with her second trait. It was tough for the children growing up without a mother.

09-07-14_12-46 PM

Clarence grew very attached to the monkey bars (I assume because he was a rambunctious scamp). One night, he even pulled an all nighter on them.

He passed out walking to school the next day. Unfortunately, as I was taking a picture of him, he woke up.






09-07-14_5-34 PM


Since the children were so close in age, it seemed like in no time it was the twins’ birthday too. First up, Clarence. He aspired to be a soulmate. Thus, rolling in the trait alluring, as well as foodie.

09-07-14_5-50 PM-2

Right behind him was Colleen, who aspired to be a painter extraordinaire and ruled in the muser and hot-headed traits.

09-07-14_5-52 PM

At breakfast the next morning (I loved cooking and eating breakfast with my family), the kids (or should I say, teens?) brought up an intriguing idea.

“Dad, can we get jobs?” Cresara wondered.

“We want to help you out with the bills,” Clarence commented. Geez. My children really were the greatest. How could I ever say no to them. Surprisingly, I wanted my kids to enjoy their life and not worry about working right now. They would end up working for the rest of their lives.

I thought up a good excuse, “Once you guys get A’s in school.”

“Deal!” Colleen was the first to respond.

Suddenly, I started second guessing my excuse. My children were whizzes. Surely they’d get an A. I just hoped they would forget about the deal when the time came around.

09-07-14_5-56 PM

My children were growing up too fast. Colleen and Cresara decided to go out and explore town in the morning.

Supposedly, Colleen was a little sad because we didn’t formally celebrate her birthday. Cresara told me that she painted a few “sad” paintings on the balcony of the library.

Cresara, on the other hand, went out to meet some friends. I warned her how hard it was to find people your age in this town. However, Cresara swore that she met someone her age.

09-07-14_6-06 PM

It became a daily routine to eat breakfast together. Suddenly, I remembered: now that all of my children are teenagers, there’s really no reason to keep updating. I thought that it was time to pass on this legacy and crown the heir of generation 3!!

I hinted at this honor, “Tomorrow, one of your live’s is gonna’ be completely changed.” I didn’t want to give too much information, especially since Colleen was missing. She was a very capable heir.

“What are you talking about dad?” Clarence thought I was joking.

“I think he’s gone crazy, like me,” Cresara joked.

Haha. They had no idea what they were getting into…

09-07-14_6-25 PM

Well, I think this is a really good time to end my part of this legacy. Things have started to die down in my storyline. The three kids are teenagers, my wife is dead, my aspiration is complete… The only thing left is my career, but I don’t think there’s much excitement there. I think my heir will have a much better story to tell. It’s gonna’ be tough to decide, but I think I have chosen…

Family Portrait 4


4 thoughts on “Update 2.5 – Family Love

  1. Awww, love how close Bruno is to his kids! Hehe, Allen’s video games are still top sellers while Zoe’s books are still best sellers! They so famous :p. Another thing that I thought was cute was how the kids all wanted to get jobs to help their father out! Such a cute family. & drat! Was hoping to find out the heir/heiress. I’m going to take a guess; I would say Clarence because of his aspiration but I have a feeling it’s an heiress this time. It was tough but I’m going to say Cresara.


    • I know! Bruno’s the greatest! Now you understand why I love the family so much? He made this generation so enjoyable.
      I had to leave you guys on a cliff hanger somewhere. I knew it’d be hard to guess who the heir would be. It was even hard for me to pick one. I still don’t know if I’ve decided.


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