Update 2.4 – Again?


Last time, I ended by showing off our new home and our beautiful baby girl Cresara.

Emerson and I wanted to celebrate, so we went upstairs and woo hoo’d. Before we started though, Emerson reminded me.

“Don’t forget protection!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t!!” And I did my thing.

09-06-14_3-02 PM


The next morning, while Cresara was still sleeping, we enjoyed our first breakfast in our new home. We sat at the island counter in the kitchen to eat.

“I still can’t believe what you named our child,” Emerson bickered.

“Sorry. I forgot to tell you that all of our kids have to be ‘C’ names… Legacy rules.”

” ‘Ata boy!” My dad commented.

09-06-14_3-09 PM


I loved my baby girl Cresara. She looked so small in my arms. I picked her up, and held her next to my face.

“Doesn’t she look just like me?” I asked Emerson.

Emerson gave a little chuckle and rolled her eyes, “Sure, babe.”


09-06-14_3-12 PM


I loved to cuddle and talk to Cresara. She fit so perfectly inside my huge muscles.


09-06-14_3-14 PM 09-06-14_3-15 PM

Then, I decided to make a silly face at Cresara. I crossed my eyes and stuck out my tongue… Then, I got a wift of poop and she started crying. Well, I guess I would never make that face at her again. I literally scared the poop out of her.

“Emerson!” I called. “You’re up.” I still wasn’t confident changing her diaper.

09-06-14_3-15 PM-2

The next morning, as I walked downstairs to grab some breakfast, Emerson stopped me in my tracks.

“We have to talk.” She seemed angry, but that was just her everyday personality.

“Okay. Okay. Let me just get some breakfast first.”

“No… Now. We’re going to the gym.” Emerson demanded and pulled me out the door.

09-06-14_3-18 PM

When we got to the gym, I started walking inside. I guess she wanted to work out today.

“Stop!” Emerson blurted and tugged my arm.

“What’s gotten’ into you?” I asked. I knew she had a mean and evil personality and all, but this was the first time she took her anger out on me.

“What did I tell you about protection?”

“What do you mean?” I was confused.

“Bruno… I’m pregnant,” Emerson told me, and I realized I was in deep trouble… Woops. Honestly, the other night, when we woo hoo’d, I didn’t use protection. I always wanted kids, after all I was family oriented. Too bad I wasn’t gonna’ admit to it.

“Wow!” I acted shocked. “It must have been faulty,” I made up an excuse.

“Ugh. Whatever. I guess we’ll have to deal,” Emerson pouted. Then, we walked inside.

09-06-14_3-21 PM-2

“I don’t understand why you had to drag me to the gym to tell me,” I questioned Emerson’s actions.

“Because I refuse to get fat! I wanted to work off the baby fat already. And, since we do not have any exercise equipment at home anymore…”

It all made sense now.

09-06-14_3-23 PM

I was so excited that Emerson was pregnant again! I didn’t even know it was possible to get pregnant again that soon. Plus, Emerson should have been an elder today, but I guess her motherly instincts have kicked in…

Anyways, I decided to go out collecting for a bit before things got to crazy in the house with another baby.

09-06-14_3-32 PM

Emerson was serious about not gaining baby weight. She went out jogging almost everyday. I seriously didn’t know who the bigger health-freak was… Me or her?

09-06-14_3-37 PM


The next morning, after Emerson’s jog, she came home and threw up. That’s when I became worried. What if all of her exercising was hurting our baby?

“Emerson,” this probably wouldn’t go down well. “I think you need to stop exercising. It may be injuring our baby. It’s not healthy.”

I could tell she was disappointed, but she said “I’ll stop.”

Thankfully, our baby was more important to her than exercising.

09-06-14_3-39 PM


Zoe showed up on our doorstep the next day.

“Oh hey Zoe!” I actually was excited to see my best friend. This was the first time we talked since I had all three of my ladies over my house a while back.

“What’s going on Bruno?” Zoe asked as we walked inside.

Emerson stood right next to Zoe.

“What does she want?” Emerson questioned.

“We’re just catching up,” Zoe told Emerson.

“Make it quick.” Emerson really did not like Zoe.

09-06-14_3-45 PM

I took Zoe upstairs. “I have something to show you,” I told her.

Once we walked in my room, it was time…

“Emerson and I had a baby! Her name is Cresara,” It was the first time I got to show off Cresara, and I loved it.

“Awww. How cute?… Wait, I hope this isn’t rude, but, isn’t Emerson pregnant again?” Zoe asked.

“Uhhh, yeah. We wanted them close together,” I made up an excuse.

09-06-14_3-50 PM

Once Zoe left, I walked downstairs and saw Emerson in the bathroom, checking herself out.

“Ugh. I’m so fat. I look gross,” Emerson really could not stand to see a sliver of fat on her body. She really was upset that I told her to stop working out, but at least she listened.

“Emerson, you look beautiful,” I complimented her.

09-06-14_4-04 PM


My dad came in the house the next day with a stack of bills.

“Do you know how much the bills are for this house you wanted custom built?” My father asked me.

“Like $1000?” I guessed.

“Hah! More like 5 times that! They are for $4,441!! That’s insane. Bruno, it’s literally my entire paycheck each day. I think you need to get a job,” He suggested.

09-06-14_4-06 PM

As much as I wanted to sit home all day and spend my time with my family, and collect frogs and gems, I obeyed my father, and started looking for jobs. Fortunately, since my dad was so well known around town, he got me a starting position in the Secret Agent field.

I hoped my muscles would help me excel in my career.

09-06-14_4-08 PM


Soon enough, it was Cresara’s birthday, and she rolled in the slob trait and aspired to be a social butterfly.

This also meant that any second now, Emerson would go into labor!

09-06-14_4-17 PM


Sure enough, that night, while I was sound asleep Emerson went into labor downstairs.

09-06-14_4-20 PM

She waddled her way back upstairs and relaxed next to me (although I didn’t feel her). Somehow, she managed to push and not even wake me up.

09-06-14_4-21 PM

Our next baby was born right there in our house…

I got my little boy!! I was so excited. Emerson decided to name him Clarence. Luckily, she picked a C- name this time.

09-06-14_4-23 PM

But, Emerson wasn’t finished. Out popped another baby. Meet baby Colleen!!

09-06-14_4-24 PM

That’s right, we had TWINS!!

I was beyond excited. Twins sure must run in the Defesco family. I couldn’t believe they were multigender twins either. This was the greatest thing to happen. I got the big family I wished for.

09-06-14_4-24 PM-2

Immediately after birthing the twins, Emerson’s time as an adult was over. I still couldn’t believe she was an elder that just delivered twins… Weird.

09-06-14_5-50 PM

Unsurprisingly, the next morning, when I walked downstairs, Emerson was already on the treadmill burning off the baby fat.

09-06-14_5-55 PM

Now that Emerson was an elder, my father knew his time was near. He started saying his good byes. It was heart breaking.

He cuddled in Clarence close “I love you buddy.”

09-06-14_5-58 PM

Dad spent all the time he could with his grandchildren. He and Cresara watched cartoons on the huge flat screen TV he got for the family after his last promotion.

09-06-14_6-01 PM

The moment that really got me was when my father said good-bye to me. It hit me hard.

My father wrapped me in a warming hug “Bruno, I am so glad I picked you as the heir,” I started to tear up. “I know you will do just fine. You have done your job already. You have made me proud. I love you Bruno.”

I couldn’t even speak. My father had done so much for the Defesco’s to get us where we are today. Everything we had was because of him. And now, it was almost his time to go.

09-06-14_6-03 PM

LIfe had to keep moving on, even though my father’s time was almost up. The next day, I started my first day at work.

I wasn’t used to working, and when I came home, I immediately crashed on the couch. Luckily, on my first day, I got promoted from my no-name position to a Field Agent! Awww yeah, moving on up already! This took some pain away from my father’s death.

09-06-14_6-25 PM


I even managed to have time after work to go collect some stuff! While out, I also completely succeeded with my aspiration. I was a true curator. I smiled widely. I felt more accomplished than ever. With this accomplishment, I rolled in a new trait: appraiser. This meant that I could sell my collectibles for a lot more money… Sweet! I definitely would need all the money I could have once dad passed.

09-06-14_6-30 PM

Here’s my proudest collection!

It’s the complete collection of “My Sims Trophies”. Neat, huh?

I would miss going out and collecting things. But, now, it was time to focus on my career.

09-06-14_6-36 PM


That night, while everyone was sleeping, it finally happened… Luckily, he went peacefully in his sleep.

Good bye father. We’ll surely miss you. You did so much for this family.

09-06-14_6-39 PM 09-06-14_6-39 PM-2

We decided to bury my father next to my mother. We knew it’s exactly what he wanted.

09-06-14_8-19 PM

Now that my father passed, things would be tight with money, so Emerson decided to get a job in the culinary field as a dishwasher. Although the pay wasn’t great, at least it was something.

09-06-14_6-45 PM

Although I was really sad and depressed about my father’s passing, I had to move on. I regained focus with advancing in my career.

When Cresara left for her first day of school, Emerson and I dropped the twins off at daycare, and went to the library to improve our career performance. I worked on my research, while she read a mixology book. She always aspired to be a mixologist. I wished her the best. I knew how long it had taken my father to get to the top of his career. And unfortunately, Emerson was pretty old already.

09-06-14_6-52 PM


I fell into a bit of a depression after my father’s passing, so not much really went on.

Before I knew it, it was the twins’ birthday! At least this put a smile on my face.

Clarence aspired to be a rambunctious scamp. I assumed because Emerson and I were so active ourselves. He also rolled in the self-assured trait (man, was this trait common in our family? Only three Defesco’s didn’t have this trait.

Colleen aspired to be a whiz kid, like me when I was a child! She also rolled in the good trait. This was kind of ironic, since Emerson was evil.

09-06-14_7-11 PM

Now that the twins were children, it was a lot easier to evenly distribute our attention to the kids. Before, Cresara always complained we cared more for the twins.

Every chance Cresara got, she sat by my feet. While I worked out, she did homework by my side.

“Daddy, what’s 4 times 6?” She asked me a question from her homework.

“Twenty-four.” I knew giving answers didn’t really help, but I would teach her when I wasn’t busy.

09-06-14_7-18 PM


Clarence picked up a the mental skill pretty fast. He loved experimenting on the small chemistry set we bought for the kids.

Colleen, on the other hand enjoyed playing the violin. Even though her music was terrible.

09-06-14_7-33 PM

And I’ll leave it off there! Now that all of our kids are children, how will our life unfold? Will I continue to be successful in my career? Find out next time.

This update is in dedication of the greatest founder, father, and grand father ever. You will surely be missed. Way to start off the Defesco family on the right foot!

RIP Allen Defesco

09-02-14_11-32 AM


9 thoughts on “Update 2.4 – Again?

  1. Haha, check sneaky Bruno out trapping Emerson into more kids!! So sad when Allen passed on but Bruno’s goodbye was so sweet. Omg, More twins! Were they natural again or fertility treatment? & I love your mysim collection- how’d you do it?!


    • I had to get at least one more kiddie! 🙂
      Allen will definitely be missed (and so will that $500+/hr).
      Once again, the twins were so unexpected!! Completely natural. I also couldn’t believe my eyes that they were multigender. So awesome! I love when the twins are so unexpected like that. See, this is what I meant by “a curveball”.
      The mysim collection actually comes from collecting. 😛 They’re usually hidden in capsules hidden underneath rocks. As a curator, Bruno has many collections. I told you, it was actually a pretty fun aspiration. And, I actually completed it!!


    • Yeah, haha natural twins are so awesome and fun! My mouth literally dropped both times I found our they had twins, such a surprise. In the ts3, I only had natural twins like 3 times so it must be a greater chance in ts4. I thought you’d also be happy to see they could be multigender! I know I was…

      Haha, don’t get me wrong, the collector aspiration is tough and takes a lot of time (I think it took about 25 days total), but it’s fun to see all of the neighborhood and collections. In fact, whenever Bruno got mad from collecting and went to work out, that was really my way of saying that I was frustrated!… I almost gave up so many times.


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