Update 2.3 – Starting Over


It’s time to finish off my love story. I last left off with the twin girls aging and moving out. I also chose Emerson over Zoe and Josephine.

With my element collection growing, I decided to buy this awesome element display rack (I knew it would make my father and creator proud, they loved chemistry).

09-05-14_7-41 PM

I waited a bit before I even thought about seeing Emerson. But, things started getting too lonely.

Besides the fact, I was ready to ask Emerson the big question, but first, I had to work out to get pumped. Emerson was an athletic freak too, so she loved to see my muscles lathered in sweat.

09-05-14_7-38 PM

As I hopped out of the shower, I prepared myself to face Emerson. What I was about to ask her would change my life and hers forever.

I invited Emerson over.

09-05-14_7-43 PM


(I know you checked out my muscles in that last photo… Sexy, huh?)

Once Emerson arrived at my house, I cuddled her in for a kiss, as I prepared the question in my head.

09-05-14_7-46 PM


I was ready. “Emerson,” My nerves bounced. “Will you move in with me?”

“Of course I will Bruno! I can’t wait to start my life with you.” She responded.

Well, that went down a lot easier than I expected. Emerson moved in with $20,000! Now, things were excellent.

“Bruno… There’s something I’ve been holding back.” Emerson explained. “I am actually almost an elder too… I’m sorry I kept this from you, but when I heard how you just dropped your relationship with Zoe because she was an elder, I just couldn’t risk it.”

Why did I always attract the older women? I asked myself. Anyways, I couldn’t lose Emmerson too.

09-05-14_7-50 PM


“Well, I wanted to take things slow, but I guess that can’t happen. Emerson, I will never let you go. Will you be my girlfriend?” I rushed to the question.

“Of course I will Bruno! I’m sorry again,” she apologized. Her face looked as shocked as mine, after I learned she was almost as old as my father.

09-05-14_7-46 PM-2

Things were moving way quicker than I thought, but it had to be done. I rushed into my next question “Emerson Taylor,” I fumbled around in my back pocket for my mother’s engagement ring. This ring would travel throughout the legacy. “Will you marry me?” I popped out the ring.

“Oh my goodness Bruno!” Emerson screamed. “I really thought you were gonna’ leave me!… YES! I will marry you!!”

09-05-14_7-51 PM

She flashed her new ring around.

“I love it Bruno. And I love you!”

09-05-14_7-53 PM

Although all of this seemed rush, we were both very happy. After all, we knew each other since I was a teenager jogging in the park.

There was no time to waste. We had to keep moving forward. “Let’s get married right now,” I mentioned.

“Right now? But, I’m not even in a dress.” Emerson worried.

“You’re fine!”

And right there in the living room, Emerson and I exchanged vows.

I can’t believe this happened so quickly. I was only planning on asking Emerson to move in today. But, when another curveball was thrown my way, things just had to be rushed. I couldn’t lose another woman due to age.

09-05-14_7-55 PM

And then, it was time for the real fun. Also, since this is a legacy, we actually were trying for a baby!

09-05-14_7-56 PM

Emerson understood her duties of the legacy, as well. So after our woo hoo, she went to the bathroom and took a pregnancy test…

09-05-14_7-59 PM

It was negative.

So, back to the sheets we went for another try!

09-05-14_8-01 PM

Fortunately, this time Emerson was pregnant!!

09-05-14_8-01 PM-2

Even though Emerson was pregnant, we still worked out together all the time. It was nice having my wife by my side as I worked out. It kept me company and I could flirt with her!

09-05-14_10-12 PM

As the days passed on, nothing exciting happened in the house hold. I continued collecting. Emerson continued to get a bigger belly and working out.

I flashed my muscles at Emerson “See these guns, I might have a hard time not crushing our baby with them!” I joked around.

“Oh Bruno!” Surprisingly, this turned Emerson on a bit, and we went to woo hoo again.

09-05-14_10-17 PM

Emerson turned me into a huge health freak, so I usually only ate salad. Fortunately for her, she was pregnant and had an excuse to eat the good stuff.

09-05-14_10-22 PM

The days flew by, and Emerson seemed to be getting bigger by the second.

“Oh!” Emerson jumped. “The baby’s kicking… Feel?”

I placed my hand on her tummy and felt my little angel push back.

“Aha! It must be a boy. He probably has muscles like me.”

“You’re so self assured,” Emerson reassured me.

09-05-14_10-23 PM

Without my mother around, my father started getting pretty lonely. In fact, he’d come in my room while Emerson and I were working out to socialize.

09-05-14_10-25 PM

The next day, while I was working out, I heard an alarm come from the kitchen!

Oh no!! A fire started in our house!!

I saw the sink was broken too, and thought to myself “Ehh, it’ll just put the fire out. No big deal.” We all ran outside.

09-05-14_10-28 PM

Well, everyone except for the maid…

09-05-14_10-29 PM

In the end, luckily the maid was the only casualty from the fire. As well as all of our cabinets and sink. Even though the maid died, she still charged us! We found a bill for $62 in the mail the next day… This girl.

09-05-14_10-31 PM


After standing outside, waiting for the fire department for hours, I realized that Willow Creeks didn’t have a fire department. The closest one was in Sunset Valley. Which I don’t even know where that place is.

So, I had to be brave, and put out the fire myself, which spread to the twins’ room.

09-05-14_10-32 PM

The damage was pretty bad. Our entire kitchen was pretty much wiped out. Insurance only gave us about $1,000 to cover it.

09-05-14_10-34 PM


My dad had missed all of the excitement that day. He came home from work, looking like he just got done smoking.

“I… got… the promotion,” my father said, much less excited than I thought. “I’m at the top of my career. Oh yeah, and I also make $516 an hour.”

Then, I realized why my dad looked like that. He was completely out of energy. After all, neither Emerson or I had a job.

09-05-14_10-36 PM


My father went straight to bed, hardly even noticing the fire damage.

I knew Emerson, too, was exhausted from being pregnant.

“Want me to give you a massage?” I asked.

“Sure.” Emerson answered as started rubbing her back.

09-05-14_10-51 PM

Then, she let out a squeek.

“Did I hurt you babe?” My muscles must have been too powerful.

“No! I’m going into labor!!” Emerson yelled.

“Oh no!! Let’s get to the hospital.” I quickly packed all our stuff and off to the hospital we went.

09-05-14_10-52 PM

After a few hours of pushing and screaming, everything was successful!… Emerson and I returned with our new baby…

09-05-14_10-57 PM

Girl!! Meet Cresara Defesco. We were surprised to see that she was the first Defesco baby to actually look normal.

You may be a little bit confused about her name. Let me explain… At the hospital, I told Emerson that she could name the baby. She said that she always knew what she wanted her little girl named. As she signed off on the birth certificate, I looked down and saw the name “Sara”. Nope. That could not work for this legacy, so I jotted down a “Cre-” infront of “Sara”… It works… Right?

09-05-14_10-59 PM

Before I end this update, I forgot to mention: since the fire, we decided not to replace our kitchen. Instead, with Cresara born, we decided to bull doze our house altogether, and build a new one!!

Say good bye to the original Defesco house…

09-05-14_10-59 PM-2

And hello to our new $92,000 mansion!!

09-06-14_12-26 AM


Unfortunately, we ran out of money to finish furnishing the house, but here’s what it looks like inside so far. It’s very empty, as you can see.

09-06-14_12-26 AM-209-06-14_12-26 AM-3

And, that’s all I have for you! Once again, I am so sorry that I had to rush everything so quickly. I was enjoying telling you about my love triangle, but that was ruined by all the old women in this town!


7 thoughts on “Update 2.3 – Starting Over

  1. Lol, there’s always that one line in each update that cracks me up, “He came home from work, looking like he just got done smoking.” Followed by that pic was hysterical! I love Bruno and Emerson’s relationship especially how they work out together- so cute. Yay for patched babies! I also already told you I love the house.


    • I try my best to add a little humor. 🙂 I love how some of the pics go exactly with the comments, haha. It’s great! Love the body language of sims in ts4!

      I love their relationship too; I just really wish it didn’t have to be rushed… Stupid aging.


  2. 1. He really does attract older women haha glad they were still able to make babies!
    2. Cresara is so beautiful! I might have to jot that down hehe
    3. 92,000 $ house?! Uh damn. How did you get so much? Lol


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