Update 2.2 – Love Triangle


Hello again everyone! A lot has happened since my last update, so I have decided to split this one up into two shorter updates. Last time, I left off with me aging into a young adult. Now, the real fun begins. I have a lot to think about, so let’s get started!

As the twins grew older, they grew even closer (the opposite of most twins). At one point, they literally did everything together. One night, I heard Brielle ask Breanne “Do you think he’ll ever move out?” I knew they were talking about me.

“I really don’t know,” Breanne responded.

“Maybe we should start saving up our money now in case he doesn’t move out when we’re young adults,” Brielle suggested.

Little did the twin girls know, I was the founder of the Defesco legacy. See, the thing is, we weren’t aloud to tell anyone about the legacy, unless they were an heir or a possible spouse for the heir.

I kinda’ felt bad not telling Brielle and Breanne, but rules were rules. They would soon find out that I’d live here until I died.

09-05-14_1-27 PM

Early the next morning, things were getting kind of lonely in the house. Plus, now that I was a young adult, I didn’t go to school anymore. I decided to call up Zoe and invite her over, but unfortunately she was still sleeping.

09-05-14_1-31 PM


So instead, I decided to go out collecting!

09-05-14_1-32 PM

Once again, while out collecting, I ran into Zoe!

“Oh hey Zo!” I was excited to see her.

We ended up talking for a few hours in the woods about little, unnecessary things.

09-05-14_1-34 PM

I was feeling attached to Zoe. I really thought she was the one. I had to tell her about the legacy, and make sure she was okay with it.

“Zoe,” I started “Can I tell you my deepest secret?”

“Of course Bruno. You can trust me with anything,” Zoe reassured me. I did trust Zoe. I said it before too, I was in love with her.

“I’m part of a legacy challenge-” I was ready to explain everything when she suddenly interrupted.

“Oh! I know what that is! I heard of it before. It’s the thing where you bring in 10 generations, and stuff, right?” Zoe already knew about the challenge. Perfect.

“Yes! Exactly!” I exclaimed. “Well, now that that’s over, do you want to go to the gym, or something? I’m pretty bored of standing here.”

“Yeah, that sounds fun!”

09-05-14_1-38 PM


Unfortunately, at the gym, Zoe’s beautiful looks attracted all the men. I know I could kick every-last-one of their butts, but I just didn’t want to do that. I needed a girl that would be completely mine.

09-05-14_1-46 PM


However, at the gym, Zoe and I grew even closer. I knew it was time to ask her the question.

“Zoe, will you be my best friend?” I already told her about the legacy challenge and I felt she would be there for me no matter what.

“Of course I will Bruno!” And we hugged it out.

09-05-14_1-52 PM


As the days past by, Zoe and I hung out often. I wanted to really get to know he before I committed.

Eventually, it was my father’s birthday. I still can’t believe that the founder of the Defesco legacy was already an elder. Dad was pretty bummed out about this because he still didn’t reach the top of his career, but I knew he’d do it soon.

09-05-14_2-42 PM

I decided to invite Zoe over the next night, and when she arrived, I was stupefied.

“Zoe?… Is that you?” She looked all old and wrinkly.

“Yupp. It’s me! Same old Zoe. My birthday just past.” I had not realized just how old Zoe was. Zoe was as old as my father… Yuck! Well, I guess this ruined any chances of her being part of the Defesco legacy. I can’t make no babies with her!

09-05-14_2-51 PM

This wrench thrown into my plans drove me insane. I really thought Zoe was the one. Regardless, I knew my duties as heir, so I had to move on. Luckily, I had a few numbers from the girls I met in the park when I hung out with Zoe. Meet Josephine. I think she showed up last time, but she didn’t really talk much. Now that I knew I couldn’t rely on Zoe, I tried to move closer to Josephine.

I started telling a story about my family, “As a child, I grew up in a hectic house. I was the second child. I had an older sister who picked on everyone. And then, I had twin sisters. Things were rough growing up.”

Josephine suddenly blurted out “Ugh! I hate children.”

Well, that definitely would not work for a legacy challenge… I quickly moved on from Josephine. At least I didn’t waste too much time on her, like I did with Zoe.

09-05-14_2-53 PM


Next up, I gave Emerson a call. She was the girl I saw at the gym in Oasis Springs the other week. When I thought I was running next to grim, remember? Anyways, I found out that she actually trained people at the gym! This was a huge turn on to me. My three ladies and I continued to grow closer. Soon, I would have to make a decision.

09-05-14_2-59 PM

After some thinking, I knew that Emerson would be perfect for me. We had the same interests. The one negative about her was she reminded me a little of Belinda. She was pretty mean, but not to me of course… I told Emerson about the legacy.

“Oh wow! That is awesome,” Emerson said.

I had broken the rules a little bit by telling Zoe about the legacy. Luckily, it was not a huge deal breaker because she already knew of the concept. I took a huge risk telling Emerson. Once she knew, I almost had to commit.

09-05-14_3-04 PM

I decided to hug Emerson good bye.

I had a lot of thinking to do. Zoe was my love at first sight. Josephine was gorgeous, but hates children. Emerson… She was perfect.

09-05-14_3-06 PM


This was kind of random, but since we weren’t struggling financially anymore, I decided to hire a maid. The house was getting kind of gross.

09-05-14_5-00 PM


The next day, I decided that I really needed to make a decision… And fast. I called the three babes Josephine, Emerson, and Zoe and invited them all to the gym. Now that I grew close to Emerson as well, things might get a little ugly between her and Zoe. Oh well, at least this would show their true colors, and it would ultimately help me decide.

Unfortunately, soon after arriving to the gym, Josephine left. She said it wasn’t here ideal hang out spot… Oh well, I guess she’s out.

09-05-14_5-06 PM


With just Zoe and Emerson left in the marathon of my love, I had to make a move. Zoe went upstairs to shower.

That’s when it started.

“Hello back there Emerson,” I waved sexily.

“Hey Bruno.”

“I see you checking out my butt!” I flirted with her.

She turned cherry red, “Bruno!” And Emerson laughed.

09-05-14_5-08 PM

I kissed my hand and blew it over to her.

Emerson acted like she caught it, and stuck it to her cheek. At this point, I was just teasing Emerson. I could tell Emerson wanted the “d”, but I surprisingly, was not like that and could not “chip and dip”.

I left our relationship at that. I wanted to take it slow, so I left the gym.

09-05-14_5-09 PM

At home, the next morning, we had a good ol’ family breakfast. Dad actually joined us this time! I was so excited to talk about all the women I was attracting.

“Yesterday, at the gym,” I started my story “I actually flirted with Emerson, and blew her a kiss. She’s totally into me.” I definitely was self-assured.

Breanne started to get up and leave the table, while saying “You’re pathetic.”

“Look what you did Bruno,” Brielle stood up for her twin. “When are you gonna’ move out?!” They were really pushing it now.

My father and I just looked at each other.

09-05-14_5-18 PM

Instead of seeing Emerson or Zoe that morning (Josephine was out of this love triangle), I decided to go out collecting. Unfortunately, I found like a million capsules and treasure maps, but no gems (what I was really looking for). It really frustrated me. I decided to destress by heavy weight lifting.

09-05-14_5-22 PM


As I worked out, I remembered how much Emerson loved working out too. She’d probably enjoy keeping me company. I invited her over, and she came over within minutes.

When Emerson came over, she was sad. I became worried.

“What’s wrong baby girl?” I asked.

“I’m just so confused,” Emerson explained. “I feel so attached to you, but every time we hang out, Zoe and Josephine have to be there too. And yesterday, at the gym, I felt you were just teasing me.” Emerson started tearing up. I realized that she actually did care about me too.

I had to tell Emerson about everything.

09-05-14_5-24 PM

My heart began to flutter and I admitted, “Okay. I like you.”

“Bruno, I know! And I really like you. But I think you also like Zoe and Josephine.”

I had to fix things. “Alright, listen: Emerson, I met Zoe a while ago, when I was still a teenager, and it really was love at first sight. We kicked it off immediately. I’m not gonna’ lie to you, I had feeling for Zoe. But that’s the thing, now that I found out she’s so much older than me, I completely lost interest in her. I promise. We’re only best friends. Nothing more. And we never will be. I’m just as confused as you Emerson.”

“I appreciate your honesty, Bruno.”

09-05-14_5-25 PM

I felt a boost in my confidence. This conversation made me feel so much better about Emerson. I really was falling for her.

I spit out the question, “Do you want to go on a date with me tonight?”

She was silent.


“Yes… Yes I do Bruno.”

“Great!” I was excited for my first date. “I’ll pick you up at five, and we’ll go to Solar Flare lounge in Oasis Springs.”

“Sounds good,” She said and we parted.

09-05-14_5-28 PM

I was super nervous for my first date, but I still decided to post about it on SimBook (a social networking site), and then I ran out the door to pick up Emerson.

Unfortunately, it was a bad move to post about the date on SimBook. When we got to the lounge, guess who was sitting next to me?… Zoe. I turned my head hoping she didn’t notice (not that I didn’t wanna’ see my best friend, or anything, but I didn’t want any drama on my first date).

Emerson obviously noticed Zoe because she acted obnoxious.

“Bruno, let me sit on your lap!” She exclaimed as she started dancing on my lap.

09-05-14_5-30 PM


Emerson loved drinking. She double-fisted the drinks. I could tell she wanted to get wasted.

At this point, I just couldn’t stand it anymore. If I broke Zoe’s heart, I was sorry. But, Emerson reeled in my heart.

09-05-14_5-34 PM

I leaned in, and we kissed (my first kiss!)

It couldn’t have been any more romantic. It felt perfect.

09-05-14_5-35 PM

I pulled the rose out my back pocket that I picked up on my way to the date.

“Emerson, I got this for you.”

“It’s beautiful!” She responded.

09-05-14_5-36 PM

My heart raced a million miles a minute. I was in a very flirty move. There was no going back now. I swooped Emerson down for a kiss (or should I say make out session?!)

And with that, Emerson and I left our perfect date.

09-05-14_5-36 PM-2


Before Emerson went home, I asked if she wanted to come back to my place for a little while, and we had some real fun!

09-05-14_5-43 PM

After my first woo hoo, I was exhausted, and fell right to sleep, but Emerson left.

09-05-14_5-44 PM


I woke up the next morning feeling energized. I had a great night. I made my choice, and I felt it was the best one. Even if Zoe never talked to me again, I was okay with it. Emerson was worth losing a best friend over.

I decided to go out collecting, but this time, I actually had some luck! I sent my gems and metals off to the Geo Council to have them created into elements and I started breeding frogs!

This was a good break from all the confusion I faced in the past couple of weeks.

09-05-14_5-45 PM


That day, it was the twins birthday.

Brielle aged first and rolled in the cheerful trait.

09-05-14_7-30 PM

Right behind her was Breanne, rolling in the ambitious trait.

After some time, the twins realized that I was here to stay. They decided to move out and buy an apartment together, close to my older sister Belinda.

09-05-14_7-31 PM

That’s where I will leave off for this update! How will my relationship with Emerson evolve? Will I ever get a job? Find out in the next update!


5 thoughts on “Update 2.2 – Love Triangle

    • Haha! I tried to make it a tad funny without getting too inappropriate.
      I really wish Zoe didn’t age, but I do love Emerson too (never heard of the name before either). Too bad she’s an old lady too. Poor Bruno had to rush his life.


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