Update 2.1 – Exploration Defesco


Who did my father pick as the heir?… It’s time to find out!!

But first, almost immediately after my father declared me as the heir, my mother’s time had come to an end.

09-04-14_6-36 PM

While all was quiet in the house (everyone was asleep), my mother got down on her hands and knees. We were all expecting my mother to pass on, so it wasn’t too heartbreaking.

09-04-14_6-37 PM

Just like that, the grim repear entered our house, played on his tablet for a few hours, whirled is scythe, and took our mother’s soul… She was gone, forever.

09-04-14_6-37 PM-2

09-04-14_6-38 PM

09-04-14_6-39 PM

09-04-14_6-39 PM-2

This update is in dedication to Renee Myles Defesco. We could not have done it without you. The Defesco family loves you mom. We will miss you, but this legacy must continue on… So, it’s finally time to introduce myself!

09-04-14_6-39 PM-3

It is I, Bruno Defesco! I am the heir of Generation 2, of course. I mean, who else was my father going to pick? He couldn’t have the meanie Belinda carry on the legacy. And the twins… They’re barely even part of this family. They were an accident, so I could tell my father didn’t want them. Besides, my father always treated me best and believed in me since I got A’s throughout school. After all, who could resist this smile?

09-04-14_6-50 PM

In case you forgot, I aspire to be the Curator (in other words, I enjoy collecting things) and my traits so far are Art Lover, Self-Assured, and Collector.

After my father declared me heir, I had the duty to go back and read all his entries. Man, how does he have any fans?! His updates were so boring. I promise to make this generation fun! So let’s get started with the adventure of collecting!!

09-04-14_6-49 PM

Any second of freetime I had, I spent collecting. I traveled around town looking for frogs, fossils, gems, and metals.

One time, I was in the woods, looking for frogs, when all of a sudden, I looked up and saw this girl just staring at me… Don’t get me wrong, she was hot and everything, but it was so creepy. Collecting was something I did to get away from people, and this girl continued to creep on me.

As I snatched the frog out of the log, I started to walk deeper into the woods to see if she followed me… And she did!

09-04-14_6-52 PM

I wasn’t afraid to confront women, like my father so I shouted over to her “Hello over there! May I help you?”

She didn’t respond to my question. She simply walked closer.

“Who are you? What do you want? Why are you following me?” The questions rolled off my tongue like a wheel on a car.

09-04-14_6-55 PM

Eventually, she was standing directly in front of me.

“I’m Bruno,” I introduced myself. Hoping she wasn’t some freak. After all, she was an adult and I still was a teenager.

“Hi there,” Her voice was soft and quiet. “I’m Zoe. Sorry if I disturbed you.”

“No need to apologize,” I started. “I saw you checking me out from over there. Don’t worry, no one can keep their eyes off of this sexy hunk.” I could hear my self-assured side coming out.

“Ummm… No. That’s not what I was doing at all,” Zoe responded. “Besides, aren’t you only a teenager anyway?”

Did I really look that young, I thought. “Yes… Yes I am a teenager.”

09-04-14_6-56 PM


“Well, I didn’t mean to startle you,” Zoe explained. “But, I take a hike in these woods pretty often.”

Maybe she was telling the truth. Oh well. I still had the opportunity to meet someone new. I tried to crack a joke “Wanna’ hear a joke?”

“Sure! I love a good comedian,” She responded.

“Okay. Here goes nothing… Why can women walk around all day in a bikini, but if they walked around in a bra and underwear, it’d be the end of the world,” I chuckled. I had no idea if this would go down wrong, since it kinda’ was a feminist joke.

“Hahaha!” I heard her almost laugh to death… This made me feel better about myself.

09-04-14_6-57 PM

Zoe and I continued to joke around together for a few hours. We seemed very compatible. Although we were actually different ages, our personalities were on the same level. Why couldn’t anyone in my high school be as awesome as her?

I made a silly cross-eyed face at her.

“You’re so funny Bruno!” She chuckled. I think she was actually enjoying me ass much as I enjoyed her!

09-04-14_6-58 PM

The jokes just kept coming, until she stopped me, “Bruno, I really wish I could stay here all day, but I have work soon,” Zoe mentioned.

Oh… Right. Work. I forgot. She was an adult.

“Awww man,” I started. “Well, it really was nice meeting you. I hope we can hang out again soon.”

“Most definitely!” Zoe blurted enthusiastically.

Then, she actually hugged me, and walked away… Could I really be falling for someone this much older than me?

09-04-14_6-59 PM

When I got home from my amazing trip, I went into the dining room to finish my homework. Of course, the female dog, Belinda was eating her tenth bowl of cereal that day.

“Guess who’s talking to a very pretty lady?” I put my hands on my hips, acting like a hot shot.

“Me… Duh!” Belinda said confidently.

“Just because you have big breasts, doesn’t mean you can steal all the women from me.” I always tried to find a good comeback to aggravate Belinda. She deserved it.

09-04-14_7-02 PM

The next morning, I woke up feeling energized. Soon, I would have to start supporting a family of my own. So, I decided to cook breakfast for my siblings and father… No matter how much we didn’t get along, they still were my family…

My mother was a chef, so she taught me all my moves! I began karate chopping the eggs and bacon with the spatula… That should do!

09-04-14_7-18 PM

Even though I may have burned the eggs a little bit, it didn’t look half bad, right?

“This one’s for you momma’!” I shouted. “Yo gang, breakfast time!” I called my family to the table.

09-04-14_7-19 PM

It wasn’t often that us Defesco’s ate together. But, when we did, it gave me a warm feeling inside. Deep down, I really loved each and everyone of my sisters. Even if Belinda treated us like dirt. Everyone except my father ate. He was programming, like always. But I didn’t mind too much. Everything he did was for us, and I appreciated my father.

09-04-14_7-21 PM

I knew, in order to be a successful heir, I had to start impressing the ladies. No offense dad and sisters, but I couldn’t end up looking like them! I had to pump some iron.

My father bought me the weight machine. He bought me practically anything I asked for. After all, since I was heir, the money in his bank account was now partially mine!

09-04-14_7-24 PM

Unfortunately, at the moment… I wasn’t very strong. I had the weights set on the second lowest setting, and could barely lift them.

09-04-14_7-25 PM

After getting all hot, sweaty, and energized from working out, I decided to invite Zoe to the park. Fortunately, working out really was working because I even attracted this other lady into our conversation. Of course, she was an adult too. Geez, I really attracted the older women.

09-04-14_7-30 PM-2

Well, the real reason I wanted to go to the park was to jog and find some collectibles. I didn’t have to worry about getting hitched just yet. I really did love working out; it made me feel good about myself and it boosted my confidence.

09-04-14_7-34 PM09-04-14_7-34 PM-2

After getting sweaty, slimey, and dirty from collecting and jogging, I finally met the first teenager in this town!

I introduced myself “Hi! I’m Bruno. I go to Willow Creek High. What’s your name?”

She just looked at me disgusted (I assumed I had slime on my face from collecting frogs). “Ewww, Get lost loser!” She screamed.

Well, that didn’t work out too well. I guess I really did only attract the older women.

09-04-14_7-38 PM

After that epic fail, I gave my armpits a sniff. Pshwww! That’s probably why that girl didn’t want to talk to me. I smelled horrible. I had to go home and get cleaned up. Fortunately, Zoe accepted me no matter how smelly I was, and that’s why I loved her… Wait. Did I just say I loved Zoe?…

Anyways, I walked over to Zoe and said “I need to get home and get cleaned up.”

“Alright Bruno,” Zoe responded. “See you later!”

And then, we did a little hip bump, and I was on my way home.

09-04-14_7-41 PM

At home, before hopping in the shower, I sat on the toilet and played my dad’s mobile app for a few minutes (or hours). He really did make some amazing games.

09-04-14_7-54 PM

The next day, it was still the weekend, thank goodness, so I went out for more exploring. This time, I really wanted to visit Oasis Springs to see what they had to offer. I decided to go to the gym first, before I started collecting.

Once there, I jumped on the treadmill and started running. I was so in my zone that I didn’t even spark a conversation with the girl that I saw at the park the other day, when I hip-bumped Zoe. Then, I looked to my left, and almost fell off the treadmill.

“GRIM?!” I blurted. He did not respond. He simply looked at his wrist (like he was checking the time or something) and kept running. Was I just imagining things, or was the grim really running next to me?… Nah! It couldn’t be. I must still be mesmerized by my mother’s death.

09-04-14_8-00 PM

After a speedy shower at the gym, I tried to flush the image of grim running next to me down the drain. Man, Oasis Springs was one weird place. Now I realize why none of my family came here… Anyways, now, it was time for collectibles!!

09-04-14_8-05 PM

While collecting, I got even more freaked out by Oasis Springs. They had alien warning signs on their billboards! It warned to stay inside next week, because it would be the peak of the alien abductions. Man, this place was scary!

09-04-14_8-07 PM

When I got home, Belinda aged into a young adult (no one really cared) and she rolled in the geek trait. Unfortunately, her high school life was pretty rough and she was still depressed. Belinda decided to move out right away. Her and her girlfriend had a small one bedroom apartment a few neighborhoods away… Bye Belinda! See you never (hopefully).

09-04-14_8-22 PM

For one last time, here is Belinda’s room…

09-03-14_7-22 PM

Good bye Belinda… Hello huge room!

Since Belinda moved out, I decided to knock down the wall between my room and hers and expand my bedroom. After all, I did have the smallest bedroom in the house… Check out my new room!

09-04-14_10-30 PM

Once Belinda moved out, things were magically brighter in the house. My father started bringing in more money and he rewarded the children he loved best with a new flat screen TV!

We sure enjoyed our house a lot better now that Belinda wasn’t there.

09-04-14_10-32 PM

That evening, dad blasted through the doors.

“I got a promotion!!” He screamed. Dad was really excited. It must have been a big one.

“What is your title now, dad?” I was curious to know.

“I am a Dot-Com Pioneer. And, there should be no more worries about money!… They increased my pay to $371/hr!!” When I heard my father say that number, my mouth almost hit the ground.

“Oh my gosh!!” My sister exclaimed. “That’s amazing.”

We were all so proud of our father and he told us that he only needed one more promotion and he’d be boss. He definitely worked his butt off to get where he was today.

09-04-14_10-34 PM

Dad started a new hobby that night. He now created video games!!

09-04-14_10-41 PM

When I came home from school on Monday, I saw that we had bills. Hah! I remember when my parents used to struggle to pay the bills. Now, they weren’t even a problem. It was like spare change to pay them. I signed off the check and sent it in the mail (it would be one less thing my father had to do).

09-04-14_10-50 PM

Throughout the week, I had so much homework that I had no time to collect or socialize. It seemed like I didn’t see Zoe for months. I missed her; and, I wanted to collect! But, school always came first for me. I always maintained an A average.

09-04-14_10-51 PM

Finally, I got a break with homework since my grades were so high. My sisters, however, weren’t so lucky. Brielle’s principal called to warn her about her grades. And she started crying.

“I just don’t understand how you do it,” Brielle whined. “Why can’t I have dad’s brains too?”

Brielle and Breanne had C – averages. I wish I could help them, but they just refused to do homework. I also wanted to go out and collect, since I had a break!

09-04-14_11-02 PM

As the days flew by, it suddenly was my birthday! I almost forgot about my birthday because I was so involved with schoolwork and my aspiration, so I just aged up without a birthday party or cake. As an adult, I rolled in the family oriented trait.

Ever since I started cooking breakfast for my sisters, I knew that I would be centered around my family. I loved the Defesco’s and I can’t wait to bring in the next generation… I just have to call up Zoe!!

09-05-14_12-00 AM

I hope you enjoyed my first update. I look forward to sharing my story with you. Who will I end up with and will I be successful with my aspiration? What career will I end up in? Find out in my next update!

Once again, this update was in dedication of my mother.

RIP Renee Myles Defesco

09-03-14_6-42 PM


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