Update 1.3 – Growing Pains


Last time, we left off with Belinda bullying her younger twin sisters. Renee and I also enjoyed some alone time. What happened since then?…

It was the weekend, so I had off from work, and all the children would be home from school. As a result, I decided to throw Renee and I a birthday party at the local club. Renee was becoming and elder and I was becoming an adult… Where had time went?

09-03-14_6-26 PM

At the club, we invited everyone we knew, which was not a lot of people at all. The only other people that came, besides our family was an entertainer and the caterer. This really made me realize that no one in our family gets out often. This had to change next generation. I must pick an heir/heiress that we adventure away from our home lot; meet new people, explore new places…

09-03-14_6-30 PM


Everyone at the party boogied down to the music. It was fun to go out as a family and celebrate.

09-03-14_6-34 PM


Soon enough though, it was time to blow out the candles on the cake that Renee made me. I took a deep breath, and made a wish in my head. “I wish that the Defesco legacy will live on forever!” And I blew out the candles.

Everyone cheered.

09-03-14_6-40 PM

As an adult, I didn’t feel much different. I even looked the same and wore the same outfits… So much for a midlife crisis.

09-03-14_6-41 PM

And then, it was Renee’s turn to blow out the candles. She was even less excited than me to celebrate her birthday. She feared being an elder, growing old, and passing. Renee always wanted to be around our family. I don’t know why she was already thinking about dying. She wasn’t even that old!

09-03-14_6-41 PM-2


Renee blew out her candles with no enthusiasm at all, and there she was: wrinkled and gray haired.

At least now that Renee was an elder, we could woo hoo all we wanted since she couldn’t get pregnant. This also meant that she wasn’t pregnant from the last time we woo hoo’d. Thank goodness. That was the first time that we woo hoo’d and Renee didn’t get pregnant.

This also meant that it was the end of our birthday party, and unfortunately it was a huge unsuccess.

09-03-14_6-42 PM


We still didn’t have that much money. Renee was still working her butt off as a line cook. In addition, I decided to pick up a new hobby to earn some extra funds, but you must keep this a secret… Since I have improved my programming skill so much, I have learned how to hack. Recently, I hacked the Lothario Trust Fund. It was risky, but to this day, I have not been caught. But then again, I also haven’t told anyone… Not even Renee.

09-03-14_6-53 PM

As Belinda and Bruno got older, their relationship started to fall apart… It wasn’t all fun and games anymore. Belinda soon turned on Bruno too.

I heard Belinda shout “Give me that doll Bruno! I was using her!!”

“No! I had her first!” Bruno yelled back.

“I will punch you in the face if you don’t give me her!” Belinda really was the meanest kid ever.

Then, I heard a bunch of ruckus and some screaming. All of a sudden, Bruno ran out of the twins room crying. She must have beat Bruno up… This just wasn’t acceptable anymore.

09-03-14_6-56 PM

As the days went on, the bullying by Belinda got worse and worse. I hoped that once she became a teen, she would calm down a bit.

Unfortunately, it only got worse. Belinda aged up, aspired to be a Public Enemy and she rolled in the dastardly and hates children traits. Things were all down hill from here.

09-03-14_7-19 PM

Instead of giving her huge teddy bear to the other children, like we were expecting, she sold it and bought a worthless mirror.

Belinda was living a rough life and went into depression. You could even see it in her body posture. Belinda even told us that she was a lesbian. We accepted her decision and told her to do what made her happy, but I don’t think anything could.

09-03-14_7-22 PM


She would come home from school and go under her covers and cry her eyes out. I assumed she was bullied at school for being different. Not that I support it or anything, but she kind of deserved it.

09-03-14_7-24 PM

I continued to work as hard as could at work and earned another promotion. They gave me the opportunity to choose what track I wanted to pursue. I could either follow the entrepreneur track or the video game track. Even though the entrepreneur promotion would not make as much money at first, I had a feeling it’d pay off in the end. So I chose that track.

09-03-14_7-43 PM


Once again, it was time to pay the bills. However, this time, instead of going right to sleep (even though I was beyond exhausted), I decided to pay the bills first. Now that the money was rolling in, it was a lot easier to pay them.

09-03-14_9-31 PM

Now that Belinda was depressed and had the hates children trait, she was meaner than ever to her brother and sisters.

Bruno tried to explain his dreams to Belinda, “I hope to have a mansion, decorated in the finest paintings.”

“Hah. Keep dreaming kid. Life’s not that easy. Now be quiet, brat, so that I can eat my dinner.”

09-03-14_9-32 PM


Out of all our children, Bruno was the only one that cared about school. I had no doubt that he’d meet (and exceed) his dreams. Bruno came home from school everyday, did his homework, worked on skills, and even did his extra credit. He was doing great in school, and I was very proud of him! He was taking after his genius father.

09-03-14_9-51 PM

Each night, Bruno would ask Renee to read to him. As a Whiz Kid, he enjoyed hearing stories. Renee read to him for three hours straight. Everything Bruno did was so perfect. He even earned an A in school! We were very proud of him.

09-03-14_9-54 PM

I started feeling guilty about hacking into the Lothario trust fund, so I started creating apps for phones… This would also help me with my career performance. My boss would be impressed if I had a few apps to market in the business.

09-03-14_10-02 PM

Brielle hated that Belinda was so mean to everyone in our family. One day, she tried to calm Belinda down. I’m sure you can only imagine how that went down…

“Belinda, yesterday I was watching cartoons and I thought of you,” Brielle started.

“Good for you. Now get lost, twerp.” Belinda couldn’t say anything nice.

“Well anyways, I think you should take advice from the show… They said ‘When you get so angry that you wanna’ roar… Just take a deep breath, and count to four!’ ” Brielle sang.

“NO! I will not! Don’t give me any advice from a pathetic cartoon!” Belinda screamed and ran into her room.

In her room, I heard Brielle talking to herself “I can’t wait to move out. I hate this family so much. I hate kids!!”

I kind of started feeling bad for Belinda. Was it something Renee and I had done while raising her to make her so mean?

09-03-14_10-06 PM


For the first time since we moved to Willow Creek, we haven’t left the town. Eventually, Renee decided to visit Oasis Springs and practice her mixology skills. Her flirty personality made it easy for her to schmoozie with her guests… I kind of got worried that she would start cheating on me. After all, with how much we worked, we rarely had time for each other any more.

09-03-14_10-12 PM

Fortunately, Renee wasn’t very good at bartending, and when she tried to show off her moves, she would drop the bottles. I don’t think anyone would hit on her.

09-03-14_10-13 PM

The days started flying by and eventually it was Bruno’s birthday! Since he was such a good kid, we decided to throw him a birthday part at the house, even though we wouldn’t be able to afford much.

09-03-14_10-19 PM

Eventually, it was time for Bruno to blow out his candles!… He thought deeply about his wish, and blew out his candles… I was so curious as to what he wished for, but I would not ask.

09-03-14_10-21 PM


I could not believe my little boy Bruno was already a teenager. Here’s to hoping he is nicer than Belinda! Bruno’s aspiration is the Curator and he rolled in the traits collector and self-assured. He must get his confidence from his mom…

09-03-14_10-24 PM

As soon as all of the guests left the party, Renee came home from work… She missed the entire party. Although she was sad and tired, she managed to snag a promotion to Head Caterer. This also meant that she chose the chef track over the mixology track. Renee always loved to cook.

09-03-14_10-26 PM

Since Bruno was such a great child, we rewarded him with an amazing room! He said that he wanted a new bed, a few posters, and a wardrobe. So we got him everything he wanted. He deserved everything.

09-04-14_9-06 AM

The next morning, we actually were all on the same schedule (it was the weekend, so the kids and I had off, and Renee didn’t go in until late), so Renee made us breakfast! She made delicious french toast, and we ate together for the first time as a family. It was nice having everyone together.

“This is delicious mom!” Bruno complimented.

“It’s mediocre, at best.” Said negative, debby-downer Belinda.

At the same time, the twins exclaimed “We love it mom!”

I just smiled at everyone… I couldn’t believe how fast our family was growing. It feels like just yesterday, I was living on the lawn. Although, it did smell like Breanne lived on a lawn. For some reason, she refused to take showers…

09-04-14_9-12 AM


Bruno really loved the two posters we bought him. We only spent about $30 on both, so it was great to see that Bruno was easily impressed. He admired them for hours at a time.

09-04-14_9-14 AM

I was actually very successful at creating mobile apps. This helped a lot with income too! For one app, I made $427!

09-04-14_9-29 AM

I started staying up very late at night because I was constantly working. Before I went to bed, I would grab some leftovers, sit down and watch some late night comedies. I was so happy with my life.

09-04-14_9-36 AM

The next day rolled around and it was Sunday, so there was nothing much to do at the house. I decided to take Bruno out.

“Bruno, do you want to go explore town today?” I asked.

“Of course dad! I’ve been dying to get away from Belinda.” It was a shame to see that he didn’t even want to be in the house because of his sister.

“Aren’t we all?… Where do you want to go?” I let him choose. The only place I had ever been was the park, the library, and the night club. Hopefully he would pick a different venue.

“We should go to the museum,” He responded. I should have known. It’s one of the only places to have art pieces around town.

“Sure. That sounds fun,” I told him. Even though I wasn’t interested at all… I’m sure they had a computer there so that I could work on my programming…

Sure enough, when we arrived, I saw an elegant desk and chair, with an amazing touch screen computer… Jack pot! I wasn’t really into art, so while Bruno scoped out the master pieces on the wall, I coded my butt off.

“Wow, dad, isn’t this painting amazing? It’s of the ancient town Monte Vista!” Bruno was so excited.

“Yeah… That’s uhhh… Interesting.” I was not interested at all.

09-04-14_9-47 AM


Bruno never really enjoyed being the center of attention, and as people began to roll in the museum, he got all panicked.

“Dad, I’m gonna’ go outside and catch some fresh air,” He told me as he ran out the door.

09-04-14_9-51 AM

I saw Bruno out the window looking for frogs. He said that he found a leaf and surfer eggplant frog! That was pretty cool, actually.

09-04-14_9-52 AM

Bruno even searched for gems and ancient pieces around town. I never thought collecting would be this interesting, but when Bruno told me he found a treasure map, some capsules, and a few gems, I was immediately interested in his endeavors.

Unfortunately, the treasure map only led him to more capsules, he said. The only thing the capsules had in them were little trophies…

09-04-14_9-54 AM

Once again, it seemed like the days flew by. Eventually, we saved up a decent amount of money, so I decided to buy something…

I bought a new computer! We were long overdue. The other computer we had could barely handle my programming. It was so nice to actually program on a computer that could handle it. I would definitely start making better apps now.

09-04-14_10-14 AM

We even had enough money left over to pay the bills of $1,392 right away!… I hoped life only got easier.

09-04-14_10-41 AM

As expected, my boss was very impressed with my programming skills (now that I had a new computer), so he promoted me to Independent Consultant and increased my pay to $185 an hour!! Things were about to be really good in the Defesco household.

09-04-14_10-44 AM

Now that I had a high paying job, things slowed down a lot around here… Renee was getting very old and we tried to enjoy the last few days we would have together. I did not want to think about life without Renee, but I knew it would happen sooner or later.

“Renee, I love you so much.” I expressed my fondness.

“Oh get over here you sexy hunk!” Renee entangled me in a kiss… This entire time, she never lost her drive for me, no matter how much we didn’t talk.

09-04-14_10-47 AM

Before I knew it, it was time to celebrate the twins birthdays… My baby girls were becoming teenagers. First up, Brielle aged and aspired to be the Friend of the World. She told me that she wanted to be the complete opposite of her sister. This made me very proud. Brielle also rolled in the gregarious and self-assured trait, like her brother and mother! Boy, the Defesco family was very self-centered!

09-04-14_10-58 AM

Immediately after Brielle aged, her twin sister Breanne aged as well. Brieanne aspired to be a Master Chef, like her mom… Geez! Why did no one in this family want to be like their amazing father?! She also rolled in the essence of flavor and loner trait… Breanne was almost the complete opposite of her twin sister.

09-04-14_10-59 AM


Well, with the four kids as teenagers now, I think it is finally time for me to pass this legacy onto the heir/heiress… Will I choose the mean, rotten public enemy aspiring Belinda? Or will I choose the collector, adventurous Bruno? Maybe I will choose one of the twins, Brielle or Breanne?… No matter who I choose, this legacy is sure to continue! Thank you so much for reading my segment of this legacy. Enjoy Generation 2!

Family Portrait 2



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  1. Yoooo, check out Belinda’s hooters! Lol, but why Belinda gotta be so rudeeeee? She should know her family has feelings too. Lol, lemme stop, but I really enjoyed this update. Bruno turned into such a hottie and so did the twinsies. It’s not hard to guess who the heir will be ;).


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