Update 1.2 – Seeing Double


We last left off with Belinda aging to a child and Renee and I found out we were going to be parents again! Let’s see what’s in store for this update…

That night, I noticed the flag on our mailbox was up… Shoot! Bills. I was worried sick to even open the mailbox. With Belinda as a child, we had only a couple hundred of dollars in our bank account. I heard bad things about bills in Willow Creek too. They were supposedly were outrageous. Without further ado, I opened the mailbox. I saw the bill lay there. I ripped open the envelop only to see the outrageous bill of $1,101!!

Are you serious?! I almost dropped dead. We didn’t even have a finished house and it was that expensive! We only had 48 hours to pay before our utilities would be shut off, but at the moment, we didn’t even have half the amount… This was tougher than I thought.

09-02-14_11-17 PM

Before we even thought about paying the bills, we had to buy Belinda a bed so that she could sleep. Unfortunately, we could not afford to add a bedroom, so she would have to sleep in the living room for the time being. Not to mention, our living room wasn’t even carpeted or painted… The struggle was real.

09-02-14_11-17 PM-2

Renee and I knew the next couple of months would be rough. Especially with our second child on its way.

“Boy, this is a lot harder than I was expecting.” I told Renee.

“You’re telling me,” Renee replied. “I’ve been pregnant almost the entire time we’ve been together! I still work too. I am exhausted.”

“We just have to maintain a healthy relationship. I never wanna’ lost you Renee.”

“Don’t worry. No matter how tough things get, we will make it through.” Too bad Renee didn’t know exactly how tough times were going to be… I just kept my fingers crossed for a promotion.

09-02-14_11-22 PM

Sure enough, the next day at work, I had impressed the boss enough to promote me to Ace Engineer. I was so happy to be an engineer. I wanted to be one since I was a freshman in high school. The pay was way more than I could ask for too. At last, the Defesco family would get a brief break.

Although the promotion gave me enough to pay the bills, I was too exhausted. I headed straight for bed. The bills could wait until tonight.

09-02-14_11-31 PM

When I woke up later that night, I signed off a check and placed it in the mailbox. It felt good to be debt free once again.

09-02-14_11-34 PM

I don’t want to take all the credit for our money because even though Renee was about to burst with our child, she still managed to work. Even better, she also received a promotion that night. We now had a slight surplus of money! I could tell Renee was even more exhausted than me, and she deserves some respect. I love her so much.

09-02-14_11-35 PM

Although Renee was the chef of the family, that night, I prepared a meal for everyone so that Renee didn’t have to cook.

“You ready to eat Renee?” I asked.

“I’m too tired. I’m just gonna’ go to bed.” I could tell that Renee was drained.

So, Belinda and I ate alone at the dining room table. Boy, was she mean!

“Dad, why don’t you tell mom to get a real job. She needs to suck it up. I want my own room.” Belinda demanded.

“Sweetie, please don’t-” I started, until she interrupted me.

“Dad. Stop talking please. I want my own room, now!” She pounded her fists on the table.

“Well, if you keep talking like that, you’ll be sleeping in the bath tub.” I was getting upset with Belinda now. Why was she so mean?

09-02-14_11-36 PM

Not only was Belinda mean to me, but she was even mean to our shower… Yes, you heard right- our shower!

One night, I heard Belinda yell at the top of her lungs, “Why must you be so hot you stupid water?!” And then I heard a bit of thrashing and what sounded like water leaking on the floor. Eventually, Belinda stormed out of the bathroom.

“Everything okay in there?” I asked.

“I hate that cheap shower. We need a new one.” Belinda mumbled as she walked away.

Then, I walked in the bathroom only to see water spraying everywhere. How is this even possible?! Belinda was costing me so much money. At this point, I didn’t even want another child. So, instead of working on my programming that night, I had to fix the shower.

09-02-14_11-39 PM

While fixing the shower, I suddenly remembered that Belinda and I never opened our wedding gifts or our promotion rewards! I quickly unwrapped everything. Some of the things we got was a hard drive, flowers, a coffee maker, and a clock! How nice of our guests and boss. We even had some duplicates of some items, so I sold them and added the money to our bank account.

09-02-14_11-42 PM

The next day was Belinda’s first day of school! We were so excited for her. But, mean Belinda wasn’t so excited. In fact, she over slept. Her principal called her phone to warn her that missing school was unacceptable. Luckily, Belinda made the right decision and ended up going to school late.

09-02-14_11-45 PM

I know that I shouldn’t give Belinda anything because she was so mean to me and nearly skipped school. But, for once, we were doing okay financially, so I decided to build Belinda a bedroom. It didn’t have much in it, but it was a start. Now, she could sleep in peace and quiet… Maybe this would make her nicer. I even bought her a huge pink teddy bear for her to take her anger out on.

09-02-14_11-56 PM

As the days passed on, Belinda’s attitude still didn’t change. In fact, the older she got, the meaner she became. All of our appliances started breaking. Luckily, even Renee helped fix things around the house. While she was fixing the sink, I heard a squeal.

“Uhhh… Renee, are you okay?” I never heard her moan like that before.

“I think I’m in labor…” Renee chirped.

“What?! But… Isn’t your water supposed to break?” I wasn’t even around for Belinda’s birth, so I wasn’t quite sure what to do.

“Well, I can’t tell if that’s my water or the sink’s water on the floor. But, I wanna’ say it’s mine!!” Suddenly, Renee began to scream.

09-03-14_12-02 AM

For some reason, Belinda’s labor took even longer this time. She even said that it was more painful then the first. I prayed everything would be okay. Renee just sat on the couch and read her cook book.

09-03-14_12-04 AM

And with a few big pushes… Wa-lah! We had our second born baby.

09-03-14_12-05 AM

Meet the newest addition to the Defesco family. Baby Boy Bruno (the glitch is still present in my game, so you won’t see much of him until he’s a child…)

09-03-14_12-08 AM

With all of the stress Renee and I had experienced in the past weeks, we had no time to enjoy one another. So, while Bruno was sleeping, just a few feet away from our bed, we decided to woo hoo.

09-03-14_12-12 AM

The next morning, I saw Renee shuffling under the sink for something.

“Uhhh. Renee? You’re not pregnant are you.” There’s no way we could have three kids. We could barely afford one, even though we already had two!

“I don’t think so. But, when I bought the pregnancy test when I was pregnant with Belinda, I bought a three pack. So I have a spare one… Can’t hurt to test.” Renee reassured me.

“Oh okay. That’s good. Because if we had anoth-”

“…I’m pregnant.” Renee began to cry on the toilet. I felt my cheeks flush red. How were we going to raise another child?

I had to encourage Renee that everything would be okay, even though I doubted it myself… “Renee. We can do this. We’ll be fine. What’s one more child going to do?”

“You’re right. I love you so much Allen. I love our family too. I can’t wait to have another child. Even if it means we have to work twice as hard.” Renee wiped away her tears.

09-03-14_12-15 AM09-03-14_12-16 AM

Like Renee said, we now had to work twice as hard. It was so difficult raising two kids back to back, and soon, it’d be a third child. I started modding some games to make a few extra bucks, and to impress my boss.

09-03-14_12-24 AM

I noticed that Belinda was starting to lighten up a little bit. In fact, she was even hugging her bear the other night! No mean person would ever hug a bear, right?

09-03-14_12-25 AM

I could tell that Renee was starting to really stress out. She couldn’t even find time for her needs any more. Renee peed her pants. No matter how silly this seemed, I supported Renee. I would never make fun of her. She worked way too hard.

09-03-14_8-37 AM

As quickly as Bruno came into this world, he aged into a child. Bruno rolled in the Whiz Kid aspiration and the Art Lover trait. I could tell that I would already like Bruno more than Belinda, shhhh. Don’t tell her I said that! I hoped that Bruno would become a genius like me. After all, he aspired to be a whiz.

09-03-14_8-41 AM09-03-14_8-42 AM

Renee and I continued to advance in our careers and impress our bosses. As a result, we were able to build Bruno a room right away. In addition, we started to add another bathroom because we knew it was gonna’ get tight with one bathroom and five people. However, we only had enough money for a tub.

09-03-14_9-00 AM

Surprisingly enough, Belinda and Bruno actually got along somewhat well. Even though Belinda was mean, they played nice together.

They liked sharing jokes together. My favorite was when Belinda said “What’s the point of blurring out the middle finger on television? Like oh, you fooled me… What’s behind there? An elephant? An umbrella?” I had no idea where Belinda came up with these jokes, but she was hilarious!

“Oh Bel! You so funny.” Bruno replied while laughing. Bruno still didn’t have proper grammar.

09-03-14_9-02 AM

With all the programming I have been doing, I actually broke our computer. I got the blue screen virus.

09-03-14_9-05 AM

Even though I was still unexperienced with the handy skill, I knew I had to fix the computer. I just prayed I did not get electrocuted. I was not ready to hand this legacy over already.

09-03-14_9-05 AM-2

Thankfully, I successfully fixed the computer and the weeks started flying by. Until suddenly, Renee went into labor!

While I was still sleeping, Renee snuck out of bed to do her thing once again. I really couldn’t have asked for a better wife. Renee did it all!

09-03-14_9-10 AM

Renee simply clenched her stomach, and pushed. There were no complications at all this time…

09-03-14_9-12 AM

Until I found out we had twin girls!! Okay, so I was stressing about having an additional kid, but now that I have two more kids… This completely caught us by surprise, but Renee and I would handle every curve ball thrown our way. We would make it through this together. But, Renee and I definitely needed a break for a while. We would not woo hoo right away, like in the past.

Anyways, meet our twin girls Brielle and Breanne Defesco!

09-03-14_9-16 AM

Sure enough, the stress continued to pile up. It was to the point where Renee started getting depressed. She was way too overworked. While taking care of the babies one night, Renee passed out in our bedroom. She looked so uncomfortable, so I scooped her up and carried her into our bed. After tucking Renee in, I swaddled up Brielle and Breanne. I needed to give Renee a break. I left a note next to her:


I took the kids out. Relax and enjoy the quiet.



09-03-14_9-20 AM

I decided to drop the twins off at day care (after all, it was free!) and I took Belinda and Bruno with me to the library. Here, I could practice my logic skill while Belinda attracted the attention of the town and Bruno observed my chess moves.

09-03-14_9-25 AM

Sure enough, Belinda did love to be the center of attention. In all, she met (and probably insulted) 10 new people that day! She was one mean social butterfly.

09-03-14_9-28 AM

When we came back from the library, I noticed that Renee spent some of her quiet time paying the bills.

“$1,225 this time… It’s insane.” Renee growled. I could tell she was still stressed out.

“Renee please. Don’t worry about this stuff. You already do too much…” I hated seeing Renee like this.

09-03-14_9-50 AM

I think part of the reason Renee is so stressed is because Belinda was so mean. I told Belinda about this while we were at the library the other day, and she actually understood! That night, I overheard Renee and Belinda talking.

“Mom, I don’t mean to be so mean all of the time. It’s just how I was born I guess. I hate seeing you stressed out.” Belinda apologized to her mother.

“Oh Bel. You don’t understand how much this means to me.” It sounded like Renee was about to cry. “I will always love you no matter what, honey.”

“I love you too mom,” Belinda replied.

I suddenly felt a tear roll down my eye… Maybe this is all Renee needed. I sure hope so.

09-03-14_9-57 AM

Sure enough, things started going a lot smoother in the house! And like that, it was already the twins birthdays. Brielle, the first born twin, had long hair and rolled in the Social Butterfly aspiration and the lazy trait. Her twin sister, Breanne, had short hair and developed the Whiz Kid aspiration and the loves the outdoors trait.

09-03-14_10-05 AM

As I mentioned things were going a lot smoother in the house, even financially. As a result, we were able to build a huge room for the twins to sleep in together. Also, we were able to carpet and pain our entire house!

09-03-14_10-10 AM

With 4 children in the house and Renee and I working our butts off, we didn’t get much alone time.

“I miss relaxing with you,” I told Renee.

“I wish we had more free time.” Renee replied and we entangled into a romantic make out session.

“Ewww! Get a room!!” Belinda cried from the dining room

09-03-14_10-20 AM

And sure enough, that’s just what we did… This was the first time we woo hoo’d since we get pregnant with the twins!

09-03-14_10-21 AM

Everything was wonderful in the Defesco house, so we decided to buy a doll house for the kids. It would help them develop a creative skill and give them something to do. They loved it! It brought all four of them even closer together. Although Belinda and Bruno were practically the only two to ever play with it.

“I wanna’ play with it Bel.” Breanne whined.

“Too bad! Bruno and I are older. Go somewhere else.” Belinda was so mean to the twins.

“You’re so mean Bel.” Brielle yelled back, sticking up for her twin sister. “I’ll just go sit on the couch.”

“Yeah, go to that, you couch potato!” Belinda responded. “And go outside where you belong, Breanne.

Bruno just sat back and observed his sisters fighting.

09-03-14_10-34 AM

That’s all I have for this update! How will things be with mean Belinda bullying the house? Is Renee pregnant? How will the house change as the children age into teenagers? Will Bruno be able to survive with three sisters? Find out next time. All feedback is welcome (positive or negative).



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  1. I just googled “random name picker”, and then picked a program I liked. Then, I just typed in all of the traits and aspirations, and let the computer do the rest! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see how your legacy turns out! Looking forward to reading it.


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